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Ended ICO : 05/12/17 – 19/01/18

DBR will incentivize and improve information exchange in the cannabis community including consumers, retailers, labs, processors and growers.

Growing economic surplus for all network participants by providing proper incentives to those who create and distribute new information is a significant opportunity. Blockchain technology and a token are ideally suited to acknowledge and measure the growth in economic surplus, as well as allocate this increase fairly across the network. This equitable distribution supports local suppliers and retailers in the network, as well as the consumers who frequent them. It fosters competition and growth and prevents domination from large players external to the network.

Duber is uniquely positioned to stimulate the growth of economic surplus. We are an established business with multiple products launched. Our technology is already integrated into our partners’ supply chains at the inventory level, which enables us to get immediate traction, and our offering targets a high-growth, emerging industry with ideal characteristics for a blockchain platform.

The DBR token, our blockchain cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, will be used to measure and allocate growth in economic surplus across the value chain. With its strong technical foundation and comprehensive incentives, we expect DBRs to become the preferred method of payment by all participants (growers, processors, labs, distributors, retailers, and consumers) in the legalized cannabis market.

The düber ICO will use a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) structure which has been developed by multiple legal teams to ensure a legally compliant investment structure. We have chosen this structure to provide contributors confidence that the DBR offering is compliant with the highest level of regulatory requirements for ICOs. The SAFT structure requires accreditation of contributors under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of Section 4(a)2 of the US Securities Act and other applicable securities laws. Investors in the SAFT offering will fund the development of the düber ecosystem through to the point where a public launch of the network is achieved that meets the minimum viable product requirement for use of the DBR token. At that point, the SAFTs will automatically convert, be minted into düber tokens (DBRs) and distributed to all contributors.