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The Connectius project is a transparent, integrated solution for handling online transactions and enabling cryptocurrency payment for services on existing platforms. . Connectius ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 05/11/17 – 20/01/18

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About Connectius ICO (token sale)

Connectius is a blockchain as a service solution (BaaS) that can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce.

The main goal of the project is to help all e-commerce stores to save money that they lose on fraud transactions. Our service allows all e-commerce stores to deal with their Consumers using a smart-contract, which helps stores to reduce fraud and for transactions to be more secure for the Consumers. Every e-commerce can reduce the costs of its goods/services for the Consumer and become more competitive in the market by reducing the expenses related to fraud. We create a universal discount system for e-commerce worldwide and allow users to make purchases with the help of the Connectius model.

Finally, a whole Ecosystem of different types of e-commerce is planned to be formed by using our solution. Eventually, Token intends to be used across all projects within the Ecosystem (Token Service provider). However, at this time, tokens are offered for sale to be specifically used in Connectius. Experts platform, which is based on our e-commerce solution Connectius.Core and will be immediately available for use at the time of token distribution.

Connectius.Experts will be powered by a CNT Token. The Token will be used as a mean of exchange. It also makes the smart-contracts to run. The price will be shown and fixed in USD, but paid in Tokens, so that the transaction can be processed by a smart contract. At a later point, other forms of payment may become acceptable, provided they could be converted into Tokens.

We have launched our proof-of- concept e-commerce platform to show how our solution works. It is a marketplace, just like TaskRabbit. Consumers will be able to find craftsmen, merchants or any other specialists to execute a routine job herein. All transactions will be paid either by tokens or USD, and will be processed by using smart contracts. Therefore, the service provider and the e-commerce application are combined. It will help us understand e-commerce needs better and develop the best solution for them. The beta version of this application is coming in December.

Economic description

The Connectius ecosystem will generate revenue from:

  • Transaction fees
  • Services provided by Connectius.Experts application

Transaction Fees

The main source of profit in the Ecosystem will be commissions for processing transactions involving the platform token.

Services provided by the Connectius.Experts application

The Connectius.Experts application will be a fully-fledged business unit with the goal of providing access to an interactive service plat- form of services in various countries for contractors and consumers.

The Connectius.Experts application aims to generate income via the following services:

  • Service fees
  • Arbitration in deals
  • Geographically targeted advertising