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adbank ICO
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Ended ICO : 15/12/17 – 21/01/18


Adbank’s application of blockchain technology, the patent pending-pending AI anti-fraud technology, and the Adbank token will create a transparent ecosystem, which will allow payments from advertisers to publishers to be traced.

Adbank has created and submitted patent pendings on new forms of fraud detection based on artificial intelligence and the blockchain. Whereas traditional fraud detection systems are constructed to run within whatever advertising network they were designed for, Adbank’s anti-fraud system will have full access to the entire platform, which includes blockchain. These additional sources of information allow the AI to find connections between information in the advertising system and on the blockchain that other systems can’t leverage. This means that Adbank’s anti-fraud AI can succeed where others fail by being built into the very fabric of the Adbank platform.

Adbank’s patent pendings cover a wide range of anti-fraud techniques. Through accessing advertising databases, user logs, ad images, rendering of web pages, blockchain transactions, and the latest in supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence learning, Adbank’s anti-fraud system can detect many types of fraud. Some examples include finding transactional blockchain activity coupled with web pages that fail to render all expected ads to detect a predatory publisher on the system, catching unexpected and typical shifts in website visitors along with many frequently and atypical mass selling of tokens to other currency on the blockchain to indicate a publisher that’s buying traffic, and selling the profits as quickly as possible to avoid detection. In another example, Adbank is working to develop a comprehensive collection of tools to catch mobile application based fraud, whereby a malicious app intercepts clicks and emits false app installation notifications that earn fraudulent publishers huge payouts for faking the process of ads that drive app installations. The Adbank app will detect this activity and send this data back to the Adbank anti-fraud AI, which will leverage this information, as well as other sources of fraud-detection information to catch and ban these criminals.

It can be seen with these few examples that Adbank provides an unmatched ecosystem built to make an advertising landscape conducive to detecting and eliminating the fraudulent behavior.

Leveraging blockchain technology to disrupt digital advertising is a clear opportunity that others have identified as well. What makes Adbank’s technical approach unique is an appropriate application of blockchain technology to introduce transparency into payments, with anti-fraud AIs monitoring the entire process both on-chain and off-chain.

Adbank is unique in its’ business plan, where its path to disruption includes a roll-up strategy to acquire existing ad-networks and convert them to the use of Adbank tokens. This acquisition and conversion of an existing networks strategy is unique to both Adbanks core services platform and Adbanks business plan. Adbank’s plans to deploy $10 million USD in acquisitions may result in the ADB token having a token-transactional volume of $20 million USD a month. This figure does not include the growth expected and the advanced AI technology and improved economics to generate by lowering advertisers’ costs. Adbank does not intend to be the biggest network but instead provide the tools to allow other ad networks to convert to the ADB token and realize the same benefits of transparency and AI anti-fraud the blockchain provides.