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The best way to to stay up to date on the latest Crypto-Currency Prices, News and Information. . CCCoin LLC ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 21/10/17 – 21/01/18

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web site CCCoin LLC
web site CCCoin LLC
web site CCCoin LLC
web site CCCoin LLC
web site CCCoin LLC
web site CCCoin LLC

About CCCoin LLC ICO (token sale)

CCCoin is a place where you can check the prices of nearly all crypto-currencies and check the RSS feed for the lastest news and information.

CCCoin started out as a Charitable Decentralized Application built on the Ethereum Blockchain — an ERC20 token.

Due to to increased government regulation the CCCoin Team members decided to move onto other projects. We would like to thank all those who supported CCCoin along the way. Especially those who helped out for just a bounty.

If you are interested in having your own ICO — And would like to purchase the pre-built CCCoin – ERC20 Smart contract please contact us at: CCCoinTeam@Gmail.com

With the CCCoin Smart Contract you will get: 
– 2,000,000 CCCoins using the ticker “CCC”
– The token is both POS & POW
– It is not mined, it algorithmically increases on its own every month — Adding 50,000 tokens to the smart contract wallet. You can do with them what you please – (We were going to sell them on the exchanges to raise money for charity).
– This in total will be 600,000 tokens per year that the CCCoin contract will increase by.
-The smart contract will stop producing tokens when it reaches 12,000,000 CCCoins. That is approximatley 15-16yrs after the smart contract is activated.

You will also get: 
– The source code
– Customer service from the creators at DevGenesis
– The Github account
– Any logos (if you want them)
– All social Media Accounts (if you want them – or we can delete them)
– All customer emails to date
– Basically anything related to CCCoin.