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Ended ICO : 28/11/17 – 27/01/18

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web site ModulTrade
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web site ModulTrade

About ModulTrade ICO (token sale)

ModulTrade ICO is a smart-contract blockchain-based ecosystem where MSMEs can meet, commit and execute trade globally, easily, trustfully and efficiently.

The MTRc​, the instrument for value exchange in MVE, is a prime enabler of the ecosystem growth, allowing it to capitalize on (albeit indirectly):

  • the tremendous growth of global B2B e-commerce (estimated to increase over 5 times to be $6,7tn by 2020);
  • the potential of 400 mln MSMEs globally which execute trade in their day to day activity and steadily increase its footprint in global trade;
  • the future developments in blockchain technology for the global B2B trade activity. The MTRc token will be issued on Ethereum and will comply with the most common and widely accepted ERC-20 token standard. This will ensure that MTRc is compatible with all the ether wallets and can be easily added into most common crypto-exchanges for trading.

ModulTrade ​​aims ​​to ​​eliminate ​​the ​​main​​ barriers​​ for​​ entry​​ into ​​global ​​trade​​as​​ well​​as:

  • bringing together a comprehensive range of services for the full B2B trade cycle;
  • helping MSMEs meet, commit and execute trade globally easily, in a trustful and efficiently manner; and
  • Introducing the MTRc (ModulTrade token​) as an efficient instrument of value exchange in ModulTrade ecosystem.

MVE also aspires to be an innovative global platform that will easily facilitate participants’ access​​ to ​​3rd ​​parties ​​providing ​​some ​​or ​​more​​ of ​​the ​​following​​ trade​​ related​​ services:

  • Logistics
  • Trade Financing
  • Tax and bookkeeping
  • Insurance
  • Custom brokerage

MVE aims to be the place to easily develop new digital solutions for global trade​, the most obvious use cases being:

  • Supply​​ chain ​​tracking​​ on ​​ModulTrade’s​​ Platform
  • Digital​​ Thread ​​for​​ Additive ​​Manufacturing​​ (DTAM)
  • IoT ​​solutions ​​for ​​invoice ​​factoring.

ModulTrade’s  Value  Ecosystem («MVE») – the economic catalyst for democracy in global trade. Leveraging on smart-contract blockchain-based technology, ModulTrade will build a value ecosystem for global trade, i.e. a digital networked value structure that is real-time, global, connected, digital and cost-effective, with features to support further fintech solutions developed by third parties. This solution will enable MSMEs to increase their revenues whilst reducing the costs of global trading. It will also enable third party developers / service providers to gain access to a wider target of users/clients, while reducing development and user acquisition costs. In this framework, the MTRc will be used as a key for the users to connect to the global trade network and to transact in ModulTrade ecosystem.

MVE aims to connect participants to trade globally via four main components:

  1. Blockchain based Smart-contract multi-sided platform (MTP): to replicate banks’ trade finance instruments (Letter of Credit and Guarantee) and to offer MVE participants this service in a trustful and cost-effective way while also connecting them to other services like logistic and insurance;
  2. Trade related services platform: to simplify trade execution via 3rd party service providers (e.g. payments, logistic, financing, tax, bookkeeping);
  3. Trade & Reputation network: to facilitate monetary transactions of MVE participants within their reputation capital being a function of users reputable collaboration within the ecosystem;
  4. Marketplaces : to find reliable counterparties globally and to make optimal choices of goods & prices.

ModulTrade smart-contract  platform ( “MTP”) – the backbone of MVE.

The main function of MTP will be to replicate banks’ trade finance instruments such as Letters of Credit (LC) and Bank Guarantees. MTP will provide this functionality to MSMEs at a negligible price (cost of smart-contract execution on blockchain) if compared to 4-15% of the transaction amount charged by banks at the moment.