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Galactikka – a social network of the future, automatically monetizes your content and promotes the blog or community for free.. Galactikka ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 04/12/17 – 20/02/18

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web site Galactikka
web site Galactikka
web site Galactikka
web site Galactikka

About Galactikka ICO (token sale)

Galactikka / galactikka.com is a new social network which helps the authors to promote and easily monetize their content free of charge. The readers can easily acquire quality authentic content and contact with like-minded people.

Goal of the site is to provide an opportunity for its users, especially amateur authors, to show their artworks to the most of interested audience and gain profit from their talents.

1 GALA token is 2500 views of your advertising post (which is a legitimate post in the feed). The post is targeted by location, interests, gender and age. That being said, its value is 20 times cheaper than in facebook, twitter, instagram or vk. You may cheaply promote what you need or re-sell your tokens by market price to the interested advertisers. Advertising in the Galactikka will be available only for tokens. The network itself will have the built-in ability to purchase tokens from holders. A growing price of the token is guaranteed by the growing popularity of the project and demand on advertising in the “Galactikka” network.