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Darico is the ideal easy-access currency for aspiring crypto investors, offering the incredible potential of cryptocurrencies but hedged by the safety of gold.. Darico ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/01/18 – 15/07/18

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About Darico ICO (token sale)

Darico ICO is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that’s been designed specifically to provide a safer, more accessible gateway to cryptocurrency investment than is currently available.

What does D A R I C O stand for?

D= Decentralized
A = Assets-Backed
R = Return-Focused
I = Investment-Grade
C O= Coin

The Darico Coin is backed with 35% solid gold held in custodial vaults. Gold has served as a reserve for thousands of years and holds the key to a more stable and safer cryptocurrency.

The Darico Coin is also backed by 55% Bitcoin and 10% Ether so it gains from the growth potential of two of the world’s most valued cryptocurrencies.

The Darico Coin has a low correlation with other crypto assets thanks to the unique structure of its asset basket. This makes it a safe, reliable, and attractive portfolio diversifier.

Gold is the most valued asset and Bitcoin and Ether are the most liquid cryptocurrencies. Merging these qualities gives Darico the best of both worlds in the form of stability, potential, and high liquidity.

The total Darico coin circulation will be limited to 240 million. Less than a third of this (32.5% or 78 million darico coins) will be issued to early investors during the ICO, with 25% or 60M coins being made publicly available and 7.5% or 18M coins being reserved for ongoing costs, team, advisors and founders. The funds raised at the ICO stage will go directly into purchasing the assets that will back the coin. The remaining coins will be mined in a process that halves every four years similarly to bitcoin. It will take 18 years for all 240 million darico coins to be mined. The daily emission of new coins will be shared among DRX genesis account holders and will be emitted according to the number of accounts they hold. The right to receive the newly emitted coins will be transferable, along with the original investor coins.