ICO listing: Kudos ICO

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Ended ICO : 16/01/18 – 16/02/18

Kudos is the cryptocurrency for service-oriented businesses

Kudos is the protocol and cryptocurrency for service-oriented businesses. Kudos is the fastest and easiest way to rate and equitably reward both users and workers. By leveraging the blockchain to achieve complete transparency, Kudos will also restore trust in ratings through cryptographically verified transactions that cannot be manipulated by ads or algorithms.

Kudos tokens will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The ERC20 token standard allows Kudos to immediately integrate with existing wallets and developer tools. Kudos tokens will be transferable and fungible inside and outside of the Kudos ecosystem.

Skedaddle will be the first of many future businesses to adopt the Kudos protocol, with plans to launch Kudos in our own app by April 2018. Skedaddle riders will earn tokens for various actions on the platform like signing up, starting and sharing routes, repeat riding and inviting friends. Riders will also be able to use Kudos to promote routes and unlock ride discounts and upgrades. At the end of the route, the rider app will require users to submit a rating. Drivers and operators will then automatically receive Kudos based on the quality of their performance.

The Kudos ICO tokens can be used on the platform, saved for future use or transferred using the Kudos app or an ERC20-compatible wallet. Platform functionality will use industry-agnostic smart contract function calls for generalized application to all service-based businesses.