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Ended ICO : 18/01/18 – 22/02/18

Fluz Fluz disrupts the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue.

Fluz Fluz ICO disrupts the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue. In the current Fluz Fluz consumer network model, all participants make money, thereby creating high consumer stickiness and a sustainable business model.

Fluz Fluz’s stickiness is derived from the fact that current network members (aka Fluzzers) can generate cash back rewards through their everyday household purchases and the purchases of their extended social network. Fluz Fluz operates as an instantaneous digital retail code marketplace where consumption codes can be redeemed at retail POS, and generate Fluz points for the purchaser and their participating upstream network. In our binary network model each Fluzzer’s network can grow up to 65,535 members through 15 downline network levels. The total cash back is split 50/50 between the purchasing Fluzzer and the participating network. In the Fluz Fluz model, there are no fees or hidden costs and only the network’s consumption, the mere invitation of new members is not rewarded.

Consumers are free to reflect their normal consumption habits and preferences on any of the available retail partners. As long as the Fluzzer makes at least two monthly item purchases of any value or retailer through the network and remains active on the site under a “give and take” logic, he or she can generate cash back through the purchasing power bundling.

Consumers, our so-called “Fluzzers”, can earn thousands of dollars every month from their network’s combined purchases. Moreover they can transfer Fluz (cash back rewards or points) to anyone in their network in an easy-touse mobile environment. Fluzzers can instantly begin earning cash without changing their shopping or work habits by digitally purchasing and redeeming Fluz Fluz gift cards from a variety of everyday retailers. Large merchants benefit through Fluz Fluz by bundling consumer demand and receiving consumer insight. Smaller merchants benefit by acquiring new customers who are part of the Fluz Fluz network.

The Fluz Fluz business model is ideally positioned to benefit from blockchain technology. Currently, the model is up and running in an off-chain environment, but intends to switch gradually to the blockchain technology in order to sustain the scale-up to a global consumer cash-back network based on digital gift cards. We recognize that blockchain is an evolving technology and that the current eco-system of traditional third party merchants and consumers will only allow us to implement a transformative vision of the rewards industry in a stepby-step approach.

The FLUZ token can be used to purchase premier network seats membership. It is intended that once the blockchain platform is developed, the premier seat membership may be bought and sold. This may be facilitated through a private seat membership exchange provided by Fluz Fluz where people exchange information on seat performance and agree with each each other directly on a individual price of the seat. The Fluz Fluz team is working on trying to bring new and exciting additional utilities to the token and these will be notified in due course to all token holders.