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ICO Local World Forwarders

Local World Forwarders

Ended ICO : 23/01/18 – 23/02/18

The first decentralized logistics platform in the world

LWF intends to build a multi-service logistics platform supported by a DPoSbased blockchain capable of decentralizing all information currently held within traditional logistics systems. In this way the management system becomes immutable. For the first time, we have a new common standard for logistical data processed via the DPoS blockchain. The DPoS-based blockchain will allow a scalable and secure environment in which we can process all information about shipments, feedback, freight forwarders, media management, and shipping status as well as apportion a designated dispute management team.

Our P2P platform will be based on sophisticated matching algorithms and user-friendly interfaces on our DPoS blockchain where we will develop our entire logistics database. Regardless of geographical location, anyone using our implemented features such as know your customer verification (KYC) and anti-money laundering standards (AML) will now be able to earn income thanks to the safety and security of our platform. LWF makes it possible for emerging countries to receive goods that would be impossible to get otherwise. All of these services will be protected by a state-of-the-art anti-fraud system, and we strive to ensure peace of mind with our world-class escrow and dispute management services

P2P Freight Forwarding:

Our goal is to be the first service in the world that allows anyone to ship or receive parcels across the globe. We will be the first practical model for secure, decentralized logistics.

Pickup and Delivery Point:

Service users can have their parcels delivered by forwarders who will keep them safe and ready for delivery. The forwarder will agree to a preferred delivery prior to shipment.


Express Delivery of Packages: With the LWF mobile app you can request same-day parcel deliveries from your home to your destination of choice via our forwarders. These services will be protected by an effective anti-fraud system, escrow and dispute management, and will allows anyone to gain an active income , thanks to the safety and security of our platform. At the same time, it also make it possible for emerging countries, to receive goods that would otherwise be impossible.