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The first celebrity management platform on the blockchain. TokenStars ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 20/12/17 – 28/02/18

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web site TokenStars
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About TokenStars ICO (token sale)

TokenStars ICO is the first celebrity management platform on blockchain. We build the ecosystem that will provide celebrities, fans and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction and engagement.

TokenStars  platform consists of 4 different layers that allow participants to connect in a new way.

  1. Crowdfunding layer, enabling promising talents and celebrities to raise funds.
  2. Infrastructure layer, providing functional tools (like voting and scouting) for key platform activities.
  3. Fans Community layer, allowing the celebrities to grow their social capital by expanding their loyal fan bases and offering the fans the desired involvement by communicating and participating activities with their favorite stars.
  4. Advertising layer, delivering smart & transparent data and engaged audience to brands for more efficient advertising campaigns (by enabling advertising smart contracts and exclusive merchandise sales).

Blockchain implementation ensures transparency and scalability of operations.

We have chosen blockchain as underlying technology of the platform to allow us to build transparent and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for fans, advertisers, talent scouts, as well as regular token holders.

  • TokenStars platform will record in blockchain ledger the events of interaction between the participants, such as voting results, applications from the scouts, auction bids or advertising clicks.
  • Our platform will be based on two interacting blockchains – Ethereum for the token- related operations and private blockchain for the internal platform operations: which was chosen as tens of thousands of people (with millions of participants in future) will interact on TS platform, so all these transactions will generate millions of recordings operations. Using Ethereum blockchain for recording such a big number of events would be impractical because of slow transaction speed and high transaction-related expenses.
  • Implementing Ethereum ERC-20 standard compatible tokens allows to avoid usual difficulties with fiat currencies such as low speed and cross-border payments related regulations.

Token details:

Token Name TEAM

Based on Ethereum

Standard ERC-20

Token price 0.0001 BTC

Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), ACE Tokens (ACE)