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PRE ICO Dates : 08/01/18 – 08/02/18
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Giza Device – Hardware Wallet & Password Manager

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Vision of the team GIZA is to empower millions of lives and put them at par with developed nation, with a tool for transacting in secured and hassle-free manner. This would facilitate to gain major success in achieving the following business objectives:

  • Protecting users’ interest with utmost safety and security
  • Attracting millions of users with greater functionalities
  • Earning trust of customers for using GIZA and motivating them to speak about its superior quality
  • Making a solution for mass in self-sustainable manner as according to our production plan, the retail price of GIZA device won’t exceed $80
  • Developing business model via various channels
  • Making a company for future big business

The vision and objectives are adopted with a closer eye on interest of all token-holders, employees, business associates, governments and community at large by operating in ethical, safe and profitable manner.

The goal is to effectively extend essential utilities-qualities in 4-in-1 hardware wallet as currently unavailable in the market. The idea is to create economies of scope and economies of scale, where it could touch millions of lives at an affordable price. It must reach every corner of the world where internet has reached. Thereby, company would endeavor to where integrate all the elements of its vision into the strategy and business plan. This would ensure target results over time.

GIZA ICO brings all-in-one wallet and password manager with multiple key features in one gadget in one go. In today’s hardware wallet space, there is no wallet which is comparable with our four-in-one Device. With the rise in demand for cryptocurrency, there is a need for sophisticated and enhanced product features where customer can enjoy the use of multifunctional gadget including the functionality of Cryptowallet, Password Manager, Encrypted File Storage and Two steps Authentication System with absolute ease and safety.


With GIZA we would like to launch a compact all-in-one model with excellent ergonomic design and quality materials. These days, cryptocurrency holders are looking for better solution and features to keep their valuation digital currency safe and secured as prices are sky-rocketing. GIZA will address this expectation of the market with much better product and expanded functionality as compared to the existing market players.