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About ICO (token sale)

FLATLAY ICO is the evolution into a universally accessible, freely-traded global marketplace. The network breaks down the walls fundamentally restricting collaborative trade & distribution while empowering content creators with the ability to interact with audiences in real-time.

FLATLAY provides anyone with the ability to build a digital storefront in seconds while supporting brand & campaign collaboration. Participants are encouraged to engage in exchange for rewards in Creditcoin on contributions, thus directly increasing the social capital distributed throughout the community. This encourages users to participate in the success of each other‘s shops, campaigns & product launches while providing a means of wealth distribution to network members.


FLATLAY is the world’s first global marketplace rewarding content collaboration with brands & publishers backed by a cryptocurrency. It provides a new way for anyone to leverage creative ingenuity in a collaborative network while eliminating middlemen deducting value in transactions. This directly increases incentivization for customers, content creators, brands & publishers.

The fundamental unit of account on the platform is CCOIN, & it’s designed as the incentivization & compensation method for users & brands engaging in transactions, promotions & collaborations. The team believes CCOIN will become the mainstream cryptocurrency scaled to facilitate all affiliate & content marketing programs. Initially this will be accomplished by establishing the quintessential network centered on users creating & sharing product related content across the web. The vision & end-goal is to become the most efficient publishing & discovery platform on the globe focused on supporting visual discovery & sharing of product related content. By enabling a community benefitting from the decentralization of affiliate, content marketing & loyalty rewards programs – the platform provides an entire workflow process & the trigger mechanisms in relation to payouts that are needed for a network effect to take hold with the general public.


  • Scheduled start/end datetime ( UTC ) February 14, 2018 – March 31, 2018
  • Token platform – Ethereum
  • Token supply amount – 100,000,000
  • Token fundraising target amount 40,000 ETH
  • Country originated – USA