ICO listing: ECOS ICO

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PRE ICO Dates : 02/04/18 – 31/05/18
Upcoming ICO : 15/09/18 – 15/11/18

Food Industry Quality Control System

ЕСОS ICO is a project for the development of decentralized software for inspection and quality control in the food industry covering the whole sphere of food products and drinks, including alcoholic ones. The system is aimed at the control of illegal trafficking and appearance in the market of counterfeit goods and fake and life-threatening products based on a public blockchain with a distributed database resistant to theft, substitution, alteration and breach of information contained therein.

The main task of the ECOS project is combating the global problem of sale of poor-quality, dangerous, counterfeit and illegal products, their sale and distribution in the world industry of food products and drinks, especially alcoholic ones, since they are very liable to adulteration today.

Poor-quality and dangerous food products and drinks have always been taken by people as a serious issue. As of today, expired and fake food products are a reason of emergence of various intoxicants and diseases, which is especially relevant for infants and young children, elderly and sickly people. The safety of food products and drinks (including alcoholic ones) is one of the most acute problems on the planet because it relates not only to the national health but also influences the global economy in general. The quality of food products and drinks influences people’s living standard, their social activity and demographic aspect – birthrate and increase in population. Therefore, in order to ensure a high and long-lasting living standard, states have to give a particular emphasis to food safety.

The key advantage of the system is that the ECOS software created is based on a public (transparent and reliable) blockchain helps to protect billions of consumers all over the world (like us) from dangerous, fake and counterfeit products and drinks (including alcoholic ones). The application being built will enable a usual consumer to easily and quickly, just in a single click and 24/7, check whether a particular product complies with the sanitary norms and safety standards using its smartphone or tablet PC.