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PRE ICO Dates : 20/01/18 – 02/02/18
Upcoming ICO: 26/05/18 – 26/06/18

Blockchain Platform for Recruitment Industry
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Aworker ICO is a blockchain platform for the recruitment. Aworker is aimed to disrupt the recruitment market, which volume in 2016 amounted to 429 billion dollars. With the help of WORK tokens and Ethereum blockchain technology, Aworker will help people find a better job, and companies to select the most competent employees.

Token WORK

WORK token is a coin of workers.

WORK token is tied to the hiring of employees in the company. The company will have to spend WORK tokens to find and hire an employee. The number of tokens is limited. The company will be able to buy tokens on the stock exchanges.

Companies will receive an application for hiring and communicating with candidates. HR managers will be able to create a vacancy, using the opportunities of smart contracts, and to check core information about the candidate in the blockchain: what are his verified skills, competencies, completed projects, etc. Blockchain will provide more reliable information about applicants, which is now lacking in companies.

We want to create the world where people are rewarded for their skills and achievements at work. And companies receive a reliable rating of specialists to facilitate the candidates’ selection process.

Decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the brand new ecosystem. Each person will be able to show professionalism and develop a reputation of a reliable employee for a couple of clicks.