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The first ever blockchain based AI driven royalty-free stock graphics platform & marketplace!

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Ended ICO : 01/10/18 – 30/11/18

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web site VectorZilla
web site VectorZilla
web site VectorZilla
web site VectorZilla
web site VectorZilla
web site VectorZilla
web site VectorZilla
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About VectorZilla ICO (token sale)


VectorZilla ICO (VZ) is the world’s first Blockchain-based, Deep Learning (AI)-driven, Royalty Free Stock Graphics Platform & Marketplace. VZ aims to launch with one (1) million ready-to-go stock graphics files valued at over 25 million USD. VZ is guaranteed to raise the value of each token released by our initial coin offering for token crowdsale.

The VectorZilla platform will include:

  • Deep learning (AI)-driven selling of microstock graphics
  • Suite of online graphic design and publishing tools
  • API for partners
  • White label Solutions
  • Apps, plugins, and extensions for popular software (Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.) to enable millions of users (designers, publishers, marketers, etc.) to use VZ content
  • Marketplace for contributors to sell their graphics on VZ at best rates with great level of transparency
  • Blockchain-based storage for all critical data, information, and files

Background: The team behind VectorZilla consists of over forty (40) people who have decades of experience in ui/ux, creative graphic design, software product & service development, IT consulting, business management, and entrepreneurship. Most of them have been working together at Allies Interactive Services Private Limited (based in India) Founders have over 18 years of experience in Information Technology, 10 years of experience in Micro-Stock Graphics industry ; and some of them have been working with blockchain (and cryptocurrencies) since its early days. VectorZilla owns a library of over one million vector graphics elements (objects/icons/clipart) and over hundred thousand compositions of diverse kinds.

The Problem and Solution

The rapidly increasing number of internet users have generated a huge demand for royalty-free stock images. However, there are problems which VectorZilla will solve:

Problem: Users find it very difficult to get the stock images they require due to high prices. Sometimes a pack of 5 images costs from USD $50 up to USD $300 per image, while subscriptions start at USD $100/month and can be as much as USD $500/month or even more on popular platforms.

Solution: VectorZilla will offer rock bottom prices (per file or subscription) because it owns a huge library of over one million graphics; it doesn’t have to pay any fee to any other party for these files.

Problem: Users have to download files from microstock platforms on computer. Rather having any other alternate option to store on cloud storage.

Solution: VectorZilla will provide the option to download files, save them in a choice of cloud storage, or save them in VectorZilla’s distributed cloud storage(for a small fee).

Problem: Users have to use complex tools for editing downloaded files and publishing them.

Solution: VectorZilla will provide advanced graphic design and publishing tools (beyond desktop publishing or online tools).

Users of VectorZilla will be able to edit (change text, colors, crop, apply filters, and much more), and publish images to variety of platforms (social-media, CMS, blogs, e- commerce, etc.) using our online suite of graphic design and publishing tools and integrations with all popular platforms.

For example: Users will find VectorZilla integrations (plugins/apps/extensions) for their choice of popular platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, CMS, CRMs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and will be able to search, preview, purchase, embed purchased images, and so on.

Problem: Most stock image platforms don’t provide usable APIs and white label solutions to partners (companies, merchandizers, etc.).

Solutions: VectorZilla will provide sophisticated and highly usable API (search, preview, download, edit, save, publish, reports, etc.), and White Label (branding, integration) solutions to selected partners.

For example: A physical or digital marketing product company (like VistaPrint) can provide its users with access to VectorZilla’s millions of graphics using VectorZilla’s API and white label solutions.

Problem: Many stock image platforms keep a lot of the license fee (up to 70%) and pay very little to actual contributors (actual owner of the file).

Solution: VectorZilla will only keep 15% and pass on most of the fee to contributors.

Problem: Current stock image platforms don’t provide enough transparency in license sales and revenue reporting to contributors.

Solution: VectorZilla aims to leverage blockchain technology to bring maximum transparency in all of these areas (license sales, revenues, revenue sharing, etc.) and provide almost real-time reports to contributors on license sales and earnings.