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Ended ICO : 03/03/18 – 02/04/18

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About PAYSURA ICO (token sale)

PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC). IPC is a coin that rewards customers for buying products or services. The focus of IPC is to be available worldwide as a uniform and secure reward system through the blockchain technology. No tracking of customer data or influence on consumer behavior due to the Ethereum blockchain. No complicated registrations. No physical cards to be held in the personal wallet. No expiration dates for the use of the IPC. PAYSURA is providing the only reward system which is modern, secure and available worldwide through the blockchain. The customer has full control over his collected reward in IPC, and will be able to send or transfer these to friends, family members or colleagues throughout the world. Customers will be able to collect IPC through different channels and options. One will be to embed IPC on different platforms where products such as smartphones, TVs or services such as video-on-demand, insurance or even car sharing packages can be bought. Reward in IPC will be generated through these platforms and automatically sent to the customer. Other options will be the cryptocurrency market in general as well as partner programs that reward customers by IPC. Partner programs with car manufacturers will be established, allowing customers to purchase a car and earn reward for the purchase in IPC. All IPC can be used in a reward pool provided by PAYSURA to exchange collected values for real values.

PAYSURA ICO is introducing the International PayReward Coin (IPC). PAYSURA wants to provide a uniform reward and bonus system which is available worldwide, without using any physical cards which have to be carried in the customer’s personal wallet. Currently, one physical card cannot be used in every shop or for every service – there are too many providers and therefore too many cards to be managed by the customer. PAYSURA will provide a blockchain based reward system. The blockchain will make it possible to offer IPC throughout the world and make it usable for everyone. Every merchant can use IPC as a reward system for his products. The consumer will receive these IPC by buying the product or by paying for a service of the merchant. PAYSURA has developed the COMD-Business Model – Customer Oriented not Merchant Disadvantaging (COMD). The COMD Model consists of three parties – Merchant, Administrator, Customer – and one value – the Reward.

PAYSURA – Tiers and Components

To establish an international reward system, a uniform concept with a modular structure is needed to allow it to be extended every time. Additionally, it needs to be available anytime and everywhere. This system will be adaptable for every partner or platform in a very easy way. Using blockchain technology, such a system can be built to create a reward token which will be available worldwide in a secured system, protected from any possible manipulation of the owned IPC. PAYSURA will implement a uniform, worldwide reward system to bring an asset to all customers. To this end, PAYSURA is starting a crowdsale where the implementation will be tiered in the following way:

Funding of $5,000,000 – $15,000,000:

– Development of PAYSURAs Digital Reward Ecosystem

– Developing PAYSURA inside and outside the organisation

– Expanding team

– Building sophisticated state of the art IT Infrastructure

– Development and rollout of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile App

– Enhance first markets marketing efforts

– Development of Merchant integration into PAYSURAs Digital Reward Eco System

– Development and rollout of the PAYSURA reward pool in the first market

– Development and rollout of the IPC Wallet

– Products mostly offered by major merchants partnering with PAYSURA

Funding of $15,000,000 – $30,000,000:

– Collect a data set to train an AI algorithm for the self-regulated reward system

– Extend the self-regulated algorithm with AI functionialities

– Products of the PAYSURA Reward pool will mostly be community driven and offered by PAYSURA

– One touch registration on the PAYSURA Plattform

– Expand the PAYSURA reward system to the retail industry