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Ended ICO : 01/02/18 – 02/03/18

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web site Global ICO Fund
web site Global ICO Fund
web site Global ICO Fund
web site Global ICO Fund
web site Global ICO Fund

About Global ICO Fund ICO (token sale)

Global ICO Fund has created a code of conduct, provided below, that applies to all firms we consider for investment. We aim to help self-regulate the market and create parameters that serious firms should strive to uphold.

Regulation It would be presumptuous if not foolish for Global ICO Fund to claim that they are prepared for every eventuality when it comes to future regulation of the cryptocurrency markets. As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies gradually begin to play a bigger role in mainstream finance, we can be sure that governments and financial institutions will find ways to introduce some form of legislation. And no one can predict beforehand what this will be. However, what we offer is a keen eye that will be on top of all the international regulatory developments from day one.

That this team is fully aware of the implications of the regulatory climate as it stands today, can be seen in two structural decisions that have been made from the outset. There are huge geographical differences in the regulatory terms covering ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Global ICO GmbH has therefore chosen to register in the Swiss town of Zug. The canton of Zug has been so favorable to these new developments Global ICO Fund 15 Seestrasse Zug 6301 SWITZERLAND. By settling in the heart of Crypto Valley, we share its benefits with all the ICOs under investment consideration. Very recently the Crypto Valley Association released their Code of Conduct and recommendations for ICOs. We follow this code of conduct as well as our own to self-regulate and create a positive environment for ICO investing.

Of primary concern when it comes to the regulatory climate of a specific region is the question of whether tokens are considered securities or utilities. Theoretically one might consider all ICOs to be securities to some degree. Using the old-fashioned Howey Test devised by the US Supreme Court, we arrive at the following definition of an investment contract and thus a security.

  1. It is an investment of money 2. There is an expectation of profits from the investment 3. The investment of money is in a common enterprise 4. Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party

Most ICOs will tick some, if not all of those boxes. That means that the US Securities and Exchange Commission could decide, at any time, that an ICO is a security and did not register as such. This creates huge problems for the ICO market where most ventures do not know where they stand with the SEC.

Global ICO Fund has constructed its business model so that its token is a utility and not a security. It does not offer any promises of future return on your purchase of tokens. Its tokens are merely a way to invest in many different ICOs and cryptocurrencies without holding a variety of coins and tokens. This reduces your risk of losing money in a non-systematic crash. Decisions regarding the cryptocurrencies that the fund will invest in is automated and decisions about what ICOs to buy into are influenced by our token holders. Token holders are not passive investors but co-creators in an extended team.

Global ICO Fund excludes residents and citizens of countries that have banned ICOs or cryptocurrencies, such as the USA, Canada, Singapore and China. It does this by blocking these countries through an IP-blocker making it impossible for them to adhere to our terms and conditions. We take all regulation very seriously and may require our prospective token holders to prove their identity. Global ICO Fund complies with all local regulation and expects the same from all its partners.