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Reshaping The Recruitment Landscape. Pitch Apply ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/02/18 – 15/02/18
Ended ICO : 15/02/18 – 08/03/18

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web site Pitch Apply
web site Pitch Apply
web site Pitch Apply
web site Pitch Apply
web site Pitch Apply

About Pitch Apply ICO (token sale)

Pitch Apply is the world’s first Blockchain based platform particularly designed for the Human Resources Industry. It will combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology and as a result will revolutionize the way we apply for Jobs and increase our succeses. Pitch Apply will be an innovative social media platform for sharing success stories, launching your future and reshaping the $200 billion recruitment industry.

With Pitch Apply, we aim to introduce one of the first Blockchain applications intended to serve a wider public by applying this exciting technology not only in the recruitment industry but in the entire human resources industry as a whole.

How does the platform work

Through our ventures we have learned that success resumes catch the desired attention and get you invited, so we have incorporated exactly that in our social media platform that will help you highlight your results and successes. The Pitch Apply platform will guide you through several easy steps and help you come up with your perfect pitch, which will be based on thousands of interviews and the desired information. Based on the state of the art artificial neural network and machine learning based technology, our software will learn from a database of successful pitches automatically and frequently coach you to further improve your pitch, and so creating a successful profile. This success profile will eventually replace the first interview phases where all common questions are asked and provide and speed up the application process by providing all relevant information at an early stage.

Pitch Apply will not only be a platform to present yourself and your successes efficiently, but will also enable faster and more accurate applications for you and for hiring managers or decision makers. Pitch Apply is revolutionary in making visible what truly matters in applications. Add our very own application of artificial intelligence to perfect your pitch and one of the first of its kind block chain applications in recruitment to the platform, and you have a game changer in the recruitment field which benefits both you as well as those looking for you.

Pitch Token(PCH)

Based on the cutting edge ERC20 based technology, Pitch Token is a cryptocurrency created to be used for all transactional activities within the Pitch Apply Ecosystem. It is a digital utility token that gives users access to our blockchain based features, and in return users are better equipped to manage their data and increase their effectiveness when applying. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Pitch Token would allow its holders to transfer value instantly, with near non-existent fees to anyone, anywhere, anytime in a completely transparent manner all over the world.

The Pitch Token provides access to additional services of the Pitch Apply platform and will be used to purchase services to increase the chances for success or for privacy purposes.

The tokens will be registered on popular exchanges and can be traded. The Pitch Token value is expected to increase when the platform goes online, the user base grows, additional features are made available to the community and are proven, and more features are added for the community.

We believe transactions should be fully transparent and part of a decentralized blockchain, and therefore have used the decentralized smart contract based technology. This technology would ensure that the Pitch Apply platform is publicly audited and fair. It will provide transparency to sender and receiver to track their transaction on the Pitch Token Public ledger from the moment they make a transaction through the moment it goes to the final recipient. It will allow you to verify that your transaction of whatever quantity or data it is, has been received by the person you intended. This way we are eradicating the role of a “middle-man” who charge some “administration fee” and lessen the impact of your Pitch Token intention.