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Aktie Brings You Control On Your Data. Aktie Social ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/02/18 – 14/02/18
Ended ICO : 01/03/18 – 11/04/18

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web site Aktie Social
web site Aktie Social
web site Aktie Social
web site Aktie Social

About Aktie Social ICO (token sale)

Aktie ICO introduces a novel way of Utilizing Social media. The users earn real money now for their time they spend on Social media platforms. It promises to share the revenue with the users according to their share to keep the platform active. The Smart algorithms compute the cost of an ad. for every view/click and the same algorithms share the amount of that computed revenUe with the user who earned the platform that specific amount on the ad. by watching, liking, sharing or commenting on the content.
Now imagine the amount of resources you spent on Social media. You might have earned more than your earning from the job if you’re a social media-holic.

Aktie as Social Media Platform

Aktie ICO is a social media platform which has all the features of content creation, and curation which includes post, like, share, comment etc. It’s also an enabler that helps you earn you revenUe from the other platforms which integrates the Aktie enabler. In addition to the new features, it supports all the features of Social media platforms including but not limited to business & community pages, groups, Stores, chatrooms etc.
It incorporates the features like peer-to-peer transfers, shopping, trade, chat, and Smart contracts. It transfers ownership of assets and the digital asset itself to Users through Smart contracts.The platform helps the users write Smart contracts through a graphical user interface with specific features and options.The platform also integrates an exchange for Coin trade as well as purchase/sale of the gas required to run ads. on the platform. The Aktie aims to develop peer-to-peer shopping as core functional part of the platform when the threshold of minimum users is reached.

Features of Aktie ICO

The Aktie platform runs with Aktie Coin and Aktie gas denoted by cA and gA respectively. The users get gA when they sign Up, refer the platform to new Users, interact with friends in a way that it brings new ads to the platform. In a way, they get a portion from the gA which the platform consumes from advertisers account as payment for ads display to the particular users. The whole algorithm works realistically and shares/charges the gA based on area, niche and effectiveness of the ads like other well developed digital advertisement channels like Google and Facebook.