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Dolos is an automated crypto currency trading application. DOLOS ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 01/02/18 – 31/03/18

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web site DOLOS
web site DOLOS

About DOLOS ICO (token sale)

Dolos ICO is a decentralized, automated trading application for currencies (specifically cryptocurrencies). The Dolos is synonymous to our vision of establishing a cryptocurrency trading community, to protect our currencies, and to gain from the volatile ebbs and flows of the markets.

The main goal of the Dolos ICO is to provide a platform from which to trade various financial markets using a very unique set of proprietary algorithms, and to automate the process so that anyone (professional or inexperienced trader) can use the system.

Dolos Smart Tokens

The Dolos smart token is directly in control of the digital license for the fully automated trading application that will trade your Bitcoins, Ethers and other markets for you.
The Dolos smart token unlocks the functionality of the application, and confirms the allowable tradeable quantity to trade. Once access and quantity are confirmed, then the token holder selects any trading strategy and then trade that strategy on approved cryptocurrency exchanges via his/her own account.
The Dolos community is an additional block of strength from where trading methods and ideas can be shared, that will benefit all Dolos owners, and this will further increase the value of the Dolos.

The goals of this project are
1. To give the Dolos community an effective automated trading application.
2. To change our current source code to be compatible with the API’s of the crypto
3. To give access to and control trading for multiple users.

Dolos already coded an automated trading application that works on the platform of Interactive Brokers for bespoke clients. The syntax of the automation and trading methods are all done and thoroughly tested. The crowdsale will assist us to make this a decentralized application to manage multiple users and markets, new and traditional exchanges.