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World Peace Coin(WPC) is a cryptocurrency that aims to route out the world poverty.. World Peace Coin ICO rating – 49

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PRE ICO Dates : 20/12/17 – 20/01/18
Ended ICO : 25/03/18 – 23/05/18

Business: 12/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 5/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 12/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 6/20 
web site World Peace Coin
web site World Peace Coin
web site World Peace Coin
web site World Peace Coin
web site World Peace Coin

About World Peace Coin ICO (token sale)

WPC is a cryptocurrency that aims to route out the world poverty as well as a cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology, the same as the one used in bitcoin. It enables you the real-time settlement with a low remittance charge. The maximum amount of WPC is set at 2.5 billion and we will donate 10% of them which is equivalent to 250 million to developing countries. WPC contributes to creating opportunities for people, who have neither bank accounts nor access to financial services, to live their independent lives.

Furthermore, it utilizes its own artificial intelligence (AI) system called “TSUMUGI” which calculates credit scores of people with no bank account so that it is capable of providing the revolutionary system, Proof of Lending (PoL), that enables WPC owners to mine while financing.

That means, WPC provides opportunities for people who need a finance to live their independent lives by analyzing big data with AI and calculating their credit scores.

Why was WPC developed?

The world population of today is approximately 7.6 billion, but approximately 2.5 billion people which is equivalent to a third of them are said to have no bank account[1]. People in developed countries can open their bank accounts relatively easily. However, there are many people who cannot have a bank account due to various reasons in developing countries.

They cannot access to financial services without bank accounts so that they cannot escape from poverty. One reason of not narrowing the disparity between rich and poor is a lack of financial systems, and about 75% of the poor does not have his or her bank account.

In developing countries, there are many people who have no way to receive money and no place to hold their money safely, even if they want to save money. A sound and stable financial service is required eagerly in such countries.

People in developed countries use financial services as a matter of course while many people in the world still need them. We need to realize the world peace by utilizing the system of cryptocurrency. Though we have been able to provide financial services through donations, donations done by the donators of goodwill have concerns over the continuity.

However, WPC, with a revolutionary financing mining function called “PoL”, gives people a reason for investment and enables to create a virtuous circle for donations and investments.

With “save the world with your investment” as our slogan, we will do our best to develop WPC as a cryptocurrency to contribute the world peace.

Sales Schedule

ICO has become a new way of raising funds for companies trying to launch a new business and is used around the world. With ICO, it became possible for companies to offer their own cryptocurrencies to investors and to raise funds for a new business. We held presale of WPC in October 2017 and plan to hold pre-ICO on December 20th, 2017 – January 20th,2018.

We set our target amount of pre-ICO to USD 10 million and are going to use it for development, marketing and the upcoming ICO. ICO is scheduled on March 25th, 2018~April 25th, 2018.

Target amount of ICO including pre-ICO is USD 50 million. The sales of them are going to be handled on Ethereum and bitcoin and the price is as follows. pre-ICO: 1WPC = USD 0.22

ICO: 1WPC = USD 0.27

WPC will be available for converting into legal currencies and major cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges from June 2018. The table below shows the details of how the fund obtained from the ICO will be used.