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luxes ico
ICO Luxcess Group

Luxcess Group

PRE ICO Dates : 01/03/18 – 18/03/18
Ended ICO : 18/03/18 – 22/04/18

Luxces connects crypto and fiat world in one sustained, easy to use, transparent, high liquid platform for managing and hedging funds.

Luxcess are making a bridge between CRYPTO and FIAT world

Luxcess Group ICO is a first Initial Coin Offering project, that offers three types of earnings and will reward its first supporters with a lifetime reward. This investment company formed the Royal platform, which is based on blockchain technology. All investors will be able to deposit their coins on this platform, which will operate on the principal of PROFIT SHARE. That means that you will only pay a commission on the profits we will create. You will be able to fully control your capital. Luxcess Group will increase the LXC coin price by investing in our projects only with our LXC coin. Join us and together we will create a better tomorrow.

The Luxcess team has created the Royal platform, where you invest your token after the purchase. At that point, you decide whether you invest the tokens in Hold or LXC index. The Royal Luxcess Hold is an option where you safely store and keep your tokens. You then make a profit or lose it, depending on whether the token price rises or falls on the official stock markets. You can transfer your tokens to Royal Luxcess Trading at any time, or withdraw them and put in your wallet. Investing tokens in the Royal Luxcess Trading gives you an additional opportunity to create profit.

All lxc tokens that you invest in trading will be dispersed in an existing portfolio. Profits and losses will be recorded in a joint internal LXC index, and your yield will be based on it. LXC index shows performance or profit growth percentage, which is created in the complete portfolio of the Luxcess Group.

Thus, the idea and the platform are designed in a way that ensures a fast and quick use, since everything can be done with several clicks of the mouse.