ICO listing: Pickio ICO

pickio ico
ICO PikcioChain


Ended ICO : 28/02/18 – 31/03/18

The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data

PikcioChain – the heart of the Pikcio ecosystem


is a highly secure and distributed permission-based platform designed to collect, certify and exchange personal data in a server-free environment that keeps the individual data provider in control.


acts as an information highway, enabling individuals and corporations to come together to create a data marketplace with two means of access.


is a personal device-based app that gives individuals access to the network. Users can verify, certify and trade their data. Each PikcioMe-enabled device acts as the server that provides their personal data to the Pikcio ecosystem.

Download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.matchupbox.pikcio


is the gateway through which businesses gain access to the Pikcio ecosystem. Using smart contracts that uphold the demands and restrictions of the individual data owner, organizations can buy and sell certified data from or to other parties.

PKC Tokens

PKC is the lifeblood of the Pikcio ICO ecosystem, pumping value into users’ data and creating a monetized data marketplace. Holders of PKC can buy data and can access the full range of services available within the Pikcio ecosystem.

More detailed information about our technology can be found in the Position Paper: