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An IT-platform for Personalized Health and Longevity Management based on Blockchain. eHealth First ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 03/03/19 – 05/03/19

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web site eHealth First
web site eHealth First
web site eHealth First
web site eHealth First
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About eHealth First ICO (token sale)

The Personal Health Management Application (EHF Personal Health) is a web portal and mobile application with an integrated expert system that provides advisory services in a B2C format for non-specialist users, medical professionals, and potentially for other categories of users including experts and employers. The system involves the collection and storage of users’ personal data and will comply with the norms of the legislation in the field of personal data protection. It assumes mixed storage of data: centralized and decentralized in the blockchain.

The user interface provides for the registration of the user in the system, while collecting the master data (sex, age, etc.). There is also a system for electronic payment for services through electronic banking cards, mobile application stores (Apple Store, Google Market, etc.) and other methods of payment via the Internet (including own currency, ETH, BTC).

After registration, the user will be asked to undergo preliminary diagnostics screening. This structured questionnaire, compiled on the basis of the principles of evidence-based medicine, consists of questions that identify the basic indicators of health, collect information for categorizing this user within the system, collect estimates of biological age, a frailty index, and also give primary assessments of various body systems. For the preliminary diagnosis, the user does not need to undergo a survey using any laboratory-based methods. The user gives information about the results of previous medical tests and the questionnaire does not require any medical education. After passing the preliminary diagnostics, the system, using the algorithm developed in the course of the project, will formulate a list of the main recommendations for this user, and also offer additional diagnostics, including the use of specialized validated questionnaires, laboratory tests and medical consultations.

For each specialized diagnostic module, a separate algorithm will be developed that allows the user to clarify the danger of certain pathological conditions or diseases, and to give specific recommendations, including additional biochemical and other analyzes. Access to these modules is planned to be fee based. If the user has started working with the module but does not have the necessary tests to perform diagnostics within this module, they can return to this module later, after the necessary tests have been completed. The system saves the user information for each diagnostic module, and the user can continue to work with the system at any convenient time.

Within the framework of a personalized module, the user is provided with results in a userfriendly form, including assessments of the risk of various types of diseases, recommendations for lifestyle changes, educational information, including advice on the use of medication, scientifically based nutraceuticals and medical devices.

The algorithms of the system are to be constantly improved, updating them based on updated of the second module of the platform. Users will be able to get tested again in accessible modules and get the most up-to-date recommendations.

The application to support health decision-making, personal strategies for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases for non-specialist users and health professionals will include:

  • an expert system for the primary diagnosis of the most common diseases and conditions on the basis of automated algorithms obtained on the basis of the principles of evidence- based medicine. Based on the tests, recommendations will be generated for laboratory tests and visits to medical specialists to clarify the preliminary diagnosis;
  • the most up-to-date information on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, therapeutic windows, contraindications, drug interactions, semi-automatically updated following new clinical guidelines, systematic reviews and meta-analyzes will be developed using NLP methods;
  • indices of the biological age of a person;
  • a frailty index;
  • a general module for the primary prevention of age-related diseases;
  • modules for people with chronic diseases (including those with metabolic syndromes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.);
  • special modules for patients with cancer, aimed at improving the quality of their lives.

Token Allocation Structure

During the Project 100 mln. eHealth First Tokens (EHF Tokens) will be issued.

Up to 2 mln. EHF tokens – Private Placement and Pre-ICO sales (price on Private Placement 1 EHF = 0.003 ETH up to 0.005 ETH, 50-70% discount; price on Pre-ICO 1 EHF = 0.006 ETH, up to 40% discount; daily price increment +0.25%).

Up to 25 mln. EHF tokens – ICO, Round 1, sales (1 EHF = 0.01 ETH; daily price increment +0.25%).

Up to 55 mln. EHF tokens – ICO, Rounds 2-3, sales (The EHF token price will be not lower, than one by the end of ICO, Round 1; daily price increment +0.25%; each subsequent Round will start 12 months or later after the end of the previous one).

Up to 18 mln. HF-tokens will be distributed within the EHF team, strategic investors and used for marketing & bounty campaigns (up to 1 mln. tokens).