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Ended ICO : 26/02/18 – 25/05/18

The first ever cloud-based network security model using Blockchain

We at ICloudSec are implementing first-ever cloud-based network security model using blockchain. Our solution will provide dynamic fault handling and complete robustness in network automation eco-space. By using blockchain, we are trying to completely rule out any opportunity of intrusion to meddle with a network. The team’s goal is to fully utilize blockchain technology to fight against intrusion and provide a competitive security service in a multilayer network automation environment. However, above all else, the ICloudSec team is constantly striving towards a highly competitive marketplace in order to bring any consumer the best possible service. This goal is always at the forefront of ICloudSec’s mission to make network safer and more effective.

ICloudSec ICO solution will dramatically solve network service deployment risk for service providers and businesses running their application on private cloud. Blockchain algorithm will not only reduce any possibility of the security breach but also negate it dynamically. Companies that previously couldn’t afford such risks earlier also can deploy their services without worrying any security breach or failure.


Data center managers have also known as Cloud-based management systems are significant in managing important elements of the infrastructure that typically includes compute, storage and networking. Cloud automation is an evolved version of DC managers that includes multi-cloud management platforms and toolkit to provide a comprehensive picture and manage a complex and connected cloud network.

Intent-based networking system (IBNS) allows IT to move from tedious traditional processes to automating intent, making it possible to manage millions of devices in minutes — a crucial development to help organizations navigate today’s ever-expanding technology landscape. In rapid changing networking world IBNS is groundbreaking idea which is currently evolving around SDN and SD-WAN. IBNS can scale data center network management and also add intelligence to deploy user.

Policies without any inherent or specialist knowledge of networking concepts like routing, switching, intrusion, VLAN, load-balancing, QoS etc. Networking software developers now can use this intent based network application which translates user policies (intent/context) to protocols, languages, and syntax which can configure any type of networking equipment.