ICO AION Network rated by ICOnow

Aion ICO ongoing Oct 3, 2017 – Oct 30, 2017.
Total raised for now – more than 6 000 000 USD

ICO Aion rating

No SCAM rate = 5  Marketing = 5 Business = 4  Tech rate = 5

Total: 19 points.

Aion: the first interoperable Blockchain network and the framework allowing communication between Blockchains.

The Aion network is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to support a future where many blockchains exist to solve unique industry problems and to power the services of the modern world. Aion will become the common protocol used for these blockchains, enabling more efficient and decentralized systems to be built.

The most important person in the project is Matthew Spoke from Nuco.
Matthew is 90% of  project success.
When I say “Matthew Spoke” I mean Nuco or AION.

What is Nuco?

In 2014, while working at Deloitte, our CEO, Matthew Spoke, saw an opportunity emerging in the blockchain industry. In May 2016, Matthew setting out to build a company that would shape the emerging standards of a hyper-growth industry.

Nuco – is the young company which recently came to blockchain sphere created by Matthew Spoke.
Nuco is an enterprise grade blockchain platform, enabling the development, deployment, and management of decentralized networks and smart contracts. Nuco’s modular architecture is capable of powering a broad range of functionality, supporting both private and public blockchain networks.

During the year there were many conferences with Nuco and Matthew Spoke:

October 2016 TechTO

Silicon Valley

Devcon 2

AIG Canada Innovation Challenge (in the The top 10 Finalists)

Coindesc interview

As a result they presented platform is Aion, developed by the team at Nuco.

Is it really proved (Aion, developed by the Nuco’s team)?

Let’s take a look at a team that is working on this project (by linkedin employee of Aoin).

Software developers of Aion (you can check it by linkedin profiles):

Erik Iglikov – Software Developer at Nuco & AION

Karim Zeine – Blockchain Specialist at Nuco & AION

Samuel Pajot-Phipps  – Operations & Strategy at Nuco and Operations at AION

Kimberly Luu – Front End Developer at AION and Software Developer at NUCO

Looks like they have good experience in projects implementation

They also have Matt Cohen as investor.

About Matt Cohen:
Partner of Ripple Ventures
Private Investor of Keen Home Inc.
Investor at Advisor of Nanogenecs
Private Investor of AdHawk Microsystems
Private Investor of Tokyo Smoke
Private Investor of Orchard (www.getorchard.com)
Private Investor of Koge Vitamins

So, they have a powerful financial back.

Site analysis

Powerful organic traffic (without paid traffic).

ICO AION Network rated by ICOnow

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