ICO scanner - statistics of raised ETH by ICO projects

Raised ETH - total ETH amount collected. Avr amount - average investment amount in ETH.
Investors - the unique senders of ETH. Transactions - the total number of transactions.
TOP 3 transactions - sorted by ETH amount with percentage of total raised amount.

Notices - we exclude transactions with error, transaction with 0 amount. We are not includet investment by other ways except ETH.

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ICO Name ETH address End date Raised ETH Avr. amount Transactions Investors TOP 3 trans.
Remechain0x31....537D25/11/1818.580.631225 ETH (26.91%)
3.27 ETH (17.6%)
3 ETH (16.14%)
Lunar0x43....4dFc15/11/18174.062.72644750 ETH (28.73%)
40.8 ETH (23.44%)
10 ETH (5.75%)
BURON0x25....b26721/12/1820.4530.999 ETH (49.97%)
0.8 ETH (40.02%)
0.1 ETH (5%)