ICO Rating System

We are using dynamic rating. This means that our team is revising the rating every week and we publish changes.

Why it is done like that? Because every project can improve its performance. For example, to use more aggressive marketing or expand the team or explain arguable questions. The rating can be either increased or decreased.

The ranking is compiled based on the assessment of the factors listed below. Each factor is evaluated by a certain score number. The maximum score is 100 points.

Business (maximum score is 20 points)
Business overview – will the project occupy the planned volume of the market and make targeted profit?
Market – the potential of the market in current conditions.
Competitors – the presence of competitors and their value.
Financial breakdown – the efficiency of funds distribution.

Readiness of the product (maximum score is 5 points)
The existence of ready to use product, alpha/beta versions, or the prototype availability is evaluated.

White Paper (maximum score is 10 points)
The completeness (depth) of the description, the disclosure of all work details, the description of projects execution risks are assessed.

Roadmap (maximum score is 10 points)
The specification of the project life cycle and the reality of compliance with deadlines are assessed.

Legal (maximum score is 5 points)
Existence of publicly listed company, the legal nature of the token are evaluated.

Team (maximum score is 20 points)
The compliance of the team experience with project tasks is assessed as well as the presence of experts in all business spheres.
The existence of accounts in linkedin and the indication of the project in the profile, the presence of the main team members on Google search, other accounts in social media platforms, confirmation from former employers (selectively).

ICO terms (maximum score is 5 points)
Bonuses and discounts rates for initial investors, pre-ico availability and its terms, fund-raising terms and other factors are assessed.

Token applying (maximum score is 5 points)
Applicability of the product concept to blockchain technologies is assessed.
Purpose and Use of Tokens. Does token may become interesting for investing?

ICO promotion (maximum score is 20 points)
Social Marketing – the active usage of the social media platforms on advertising is assessed. The quickness and proficiency of the team when they answer potential investors’ questions are assessed.
Promo – active participation in conferences, publications on industry – specific resources are assessed.
Bounties – The company’s bounty programs, the budget for the bounty campaign, the split of funds according to promo action type are estimated.