ICO Xenio.io Decentralized Gaming Blockchain


Xenio.io Decentralized Gaming Blockchain

The Xenio.io project crowdsale will take place in late September 2017. The crowdsale launch will coincide with the release of the source code for the blockchain and client application on GitHub.

Xenio is a distributed, decentralized, open access gaming platform and blockchain based on a code fork of Ethereum. Xenio runs on its own dedicated blockchain, optimizing its use for gaming without the bloat of the generic Ethereum blockchain.

Xenio uses a novel adaptation of Proof of Stake called Proof of Networking (PoN), where network nodes are rewarded for providing services to the rest of the network. Anyone can mine Xenio coins by operating multiplayer gaming servers on the Xenio blockchain through the Xenio implementation of Proof of Networking. The system provides payments to game server operators in the form of Xenio coins within the 20 minute PoN superblocks, based on the product of active players and how many Xenio coins the server has staked. The on-blockchain Xenio coins allow smart contract transactions to track and transfer digital ownership of in-game assets

Game developers can tokenize any object that their online game uses, from accounts to in-game assets to community badges and awards; even the game license itself can be tokenized. The Xenio blockchain is a distributed, serverless application, so there is no centralized database like Steam to be hacked or taken offline.

The value of the Xenio coin is proportional to its utility – as more services come online and more users enter the system, the coin becomes more valuable due to scarcity and an increase in the superblock mining difficulty.

visit https://Xenio.io to download the whitepaper.

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