Idena Bounty Campaign


There is the first Proof-of-Person Idena Blockchain. No money for stake or equipment needed, just an average laptop.
You can easily join mining of the first human-centric cryptocurrency at and share your opinion.

Where to start?
1. Visit the website to learn more about Idena.
2. Download and install the Idena Node and Idena ICO Client executable files at or build them from source at
3. Subscribe to the Idena Announcements channel at to follow updates.
4. Join the Idena Telegram chat and follow the instructions in the pinned message.
5. Make sure your node is synchronized, and activate the invitation code. Check your identity status; it should be “Candidate”. The invitation can not be activated in last 5 minutes before the validation.
6. Learn how to solve flips: read the article in our blog and test yourself

How to get validated?
1. Check the next validation time in the Idena app or at the website.
2. Your node must be fully synchronized before the session starts.
3. Your computer time must be synchronized with the internet time.
4. Solve the flips during the validation session. Be agile. The first 6 flips must be submitted in less than 2 minutes.

What’s IDENA next?
1. Once your identity is validated, keep your node up and running in order to mine coins.
2. Learn how to create flips. Don’t forget to create three fips before the next validation in advance. Schedule your next validation.

Terms & Conditions IDENA Bounty

• Every participant must follow Official IDENA ICO Twitter.
• Participant must be a member of Official IDENA ICO Bounty Telegram.
• When bounty ends, you will have 5 days for any question or complaints.
• If your account is blocked or supended, you will not receive any rewards.
• By signing up for the bounty, you accept these terms and alterations. If any in due course.


More info about  IDENA ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list


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