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IndigoCommunity is self regulating platform where community members decide what kind of the content needs to be created and define bounties to reward the authors.

IndigoCommunity allocates 5% for the entire bounty campaign from the amount collected within the ICO.

As a reward, the participants will receive Indigo tokens.

Terms and Conditions might be changed or more can be applied.

Facebook Campaign


(15% – $11,250)

Get stakes for writing public posts about IndigoCommunity on your Facebook.

Submit your Facebook campaign application – click here

Stake distribution:

Stakes per post depending on amount of friends:

  • 200-500: 2 stakes
  • 500-1000: 4 stakes
  • 1000+: 8 stakes

Please report your posts after posting on Facebook using this form: one post per 3 days will be counted.


  • Like and follow our Facebook page
  • Facebook account must be original, active and have at least 250 real friends

Media Campaign


(15% – $11,250)

Get stakes for publishing articles in your blog or website or videos on your Youtube channel.

Stake distribution

High quality: 20
Good quality: 10

High quality: 40
Good quality: 20


  • Content must be unique
  • Minimum size for article is 500 characters, video must be longer than 2 minutes
  • Article must have a link to the official website
  • Posting on free blogging platform (like Medium) is allowed but only one post per user will be counted

Signature Campaign


(50% – $35,000)

To participate add one of the signatures listed below (depending on your rank) to your Bitcointalk profile.

Stake distribution:

Stakes are counted once a week accordance to your rank.

  • Junior Member: 1 stake
  • Member: 2 stakes
  • Full Member: 3 stakes
  • Sr Member: 4 stakes
  • Hero: 5 stakes
  • Legendary: 6 stakes


  • You have to make at least 10 constructive posts each week.
  • Only helpful and constructive posts will be considered the ones to meet the requirements. Posts in topics like Off-topic, Politics and Society, Archival, Beginners and Help will not be counted.
  • Stakes are counted on a weekly basis
  • Multiple signatures are not allowed
  • Spammers and multi-accounts will be banned and disqualified.
  • Accounts with negative trust are not accepted.


Translation Campaign


(30% – $22,500)

We need the following translations for Ann and Bounty threads, Website and Whitepaper:

  • Turkish
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (reserved)
  • Korean
  • French (reserved)
  • Indonesian (reserved)
  • Spanish (reserved)
  • Italian (reserved)
  • Filipino (reserved)
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic (reserved)

Stake distribution:

  • Ann thread: 3 stakes
  • Bounty thread: 3 stakes
  • Website: 10 stakes
  • Whitepaper: 20 stakes


  • Translation must be original, without automatic translation tools such as Google Translate. If automatic translation is detected, the translator will be immediately disqualified.
  • The translation should be made within 5 days. Otherwise it will be handed over to another translator.

Community management


(20% – $15,000)

Engage with community and provide support on certain channel.

We need:

  • 2 Telegram community managers
  • 1 Twitter and Facebook community manager


  • Fluent English
  • Active engagement with the community
  • High response rate

Stake distribution:

  • Telegram: 2 stakes per manager
  • Twitter + Facebook: 1 stake