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DOVU is Blockchain Powered Mobility, The Global Marketplace for Transport Data.

How well does your team work together? / Which projects were implemented by your team or part of your team earlier?

DOVU: DOVU is founded and led by Irfon Watkins, a serial entrepreneur. When Watkins (CEO) was constructing the team for DOVU, looking for people to take on this brand new technology, he found that previous colleagues were already making strides in this space. What resulted was an established team which has executed on complex technological ideas previously, most notably at Watkins’ previous programmatic video advertising company Coull. In addition, DOVU has a prominent team of advisors, who are committed to the longterm success of the business. Advisers such as Lars Klawitter, GM of Rolls Royce Bespoke and former member of the Board of Directors of Ethereum when it launched, and David Drake, an early investor in Alibaba, Palantir, and Lyft.


How long have you been working on this idea?

DOVU:  When looking for his new project Watkins was playing with the concept of data. Why it so difficult to find the data you need? There must be a more efficient way to do this at scale. At InMotion Ventures Arwen Smit (CMO) was thinking about how efficient application of mobility data could improve quality of life in cities. However, something was missing. In November 2016 the aha-moment hit: among individuals and corporations alike there was a lack of incentive to share data. A problem which can be solved with blockchain technology. What if those who create value would be rewarded for that value. Or, what if those who share mobility data are rewarded for that data. Krasina Mileva (COO), a lawyer specialised in smart contracts and a former colleague of Watkins, completes the founding team.


What risks do you see for implementing the project?

DOVU:  DOVU wants to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the mobility and transportation space. There is a lot to gained by building decentralised applications on the DOVU protocol. It’s important to acknowledge that educating a centralised company on how to run a decentralised application is non-trivial task. This is something which deserves more attention from the crypto community. With one technological breakthrough quickly following the other, within a regulatory system that is still taking shape, there is an important role for blockchain companies to transform technological promises to real-world benefitsTransforming the mobility space is not a one-person mission. Partnerships are key. InMotion Ventures, the wholly owned subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, is an investor and partner to DOVU, amplifying its connections in the mobility space. DOVU is working with KPMG to make sure its structured correctly, ready to scale globally.


Tell us a bit more about your revenue model?

DOVU:  Blockchain provides an opportunity to rethink business models. DOVU’s business model is based on token economics. DOVU’s ultimate goal is to grow the value of the DOV token, thus the business model and the ecosystem it facilitates are primarily based on facilitating token distribution.


Why do we need your tokens?

DOVU:  Part of the appeal of token sales is the same emotional driver that is propelling crowd funding: supporting a project you believe in. DOVU is set on revolutionising data sharing in the transportation and mobility industry. The DOV token is an ERC20 utility token, fulfilling a core role in our ecosystem. The DOV token acts a reward (incentivising data sharing), as a service token (in exchange for use of mobility services, e.g. a bus ride, or car insurance), or you can exchange it for other tokens or fiat currency. In short, you can earn, sell, or use the DOV token.

Applications for the DOVU protocol and DOV token are build around data sharing, including use cases such as electric vehicle charing, insurance, mobility as a service, or even autonomous fleets who pay for themselves. The first pilot projects are projected for 2018. The protocol will be open source.


We point out four areas of business activity: marketing, technical input, economic components, management. Who competently deals with these issues in your company?

DOVU: The core team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, product marketers, product designers and legal experts – all with significant experience shipping and supporting products used by millions of people.

  • As someone who has founded and sold companies across the data spectrum, Irfon Watkins (CEO) is leading the company’s vision and management.
  • Having worked on the business side of emerging and established technology companies for years, Arwen Smit (CMO) translates technology into strategy from a marketing perspective.
  • In a space where data and compliance are a daily discussion topics, Krasina Mileva (COO) specialises in smart contracts and how legislation can help propel blockchain forwards.
  • Working in software development since 1998, Tom Holder (CTO) has been involved in the development and delivery of hundreds of online applications, services and API’s. Co-founder of the digital agency SimpleWeb, he is well versed on both the technical and business side of things, has a strong focus on startups, and is well versed in blockchain technology.


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