Interview with Requitix ICO


Interview with Requitix ICO Team.

ICOnow: Can you briefly introduce us to the your project?
We are Requitix, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain that will disrupt the ecommerce sector. We are solving 4 major issues with the Requitix Confidence System and those include Trusted Reviews, Scammer/Spammer Protection, Zero Chargebacks and a Point 5% Transaction Fee.

ICOnow: How well does your team work together?
The whole RQX team is awesome. We all have the same vision and are working very hard on our 3 core products which include the Woocommerce Extension, Merchant Area and our new Mobile Wallet App. All of which can be found at our website

ICOnow: Which projects were implemented by your team or part of your team earlier?
We have our earlier Proof of Concept which was a dating site that currently takes RQX and allows for trusted reviews on the blockchain through plus we’re working on the other Proof of Concept betas.

ICOnow: How long have you been working on this idea?
Requitix has been in our blood for over a year now.

ICOnow: What risks do you see for implementing the project?
There are no risks for implementing it. We do it. That’s our motto.

ICOnow:What about competitors?
Right now we only see Monetha as our competitor but we offer way more than they do.

ICOnow: Why do we need your tokens?
To use on the Requitix Confidence System where the 4 key components get utilized. No other token can do what we do with RQX.

ICOnow: Where do you see the value of your tokens in the medium to long term and the ultimate benefit for token holders?
We see an initial value of $.25 cents per RQX starting out on exchanges. We see that value moving to around $3 dollars US within 2 years post ICO.

ICOnow: Have you secured deals with trading exchanges yet and will you want to disclose which exchanges will be trading your tokens?
We are currently talking to exchanges but we will not be listed until we feel the value is right. You can’t just throw a coin on an exchange and hope that it increases. You have to create value and that is what we’re doing right now. By releasing 3 core products before we ICO and really fine tuning these 3 core products before exchange in the hopes of creating more value for RQX.

ICOnow: After a successful ICO, what is the timeline for coming to market?
We hope to be ready for market one or two months after ICO.

ICOnow: What about presale politics (dates, terms, discount)?
We will start pre-sale on Feb 20th, 2018 and it will run until Feb 28th. The ICO will start on Mar 1st and will run until Mar 31st. All pre-sale purchases will get 2000 RQX for every 1 ETH. During ICO buyers will receive 1200 RQX for every 1 ETH. We will also have a 7 day bonus during pre-sale that will give 25% more RQX to buyers during the first 7 days of pre-sale.

ICOnow: We point out four areas of business activity: marketing, technical, economic components, management. Who competently deals with these issues in your company?
Michael, our CTO deals with all the social media as well as technical issues.

ICOnow: Are you focused in any specific geographic areas?
Yes, we are focusing on the US, Canada, UK and Asia. Mainly Thailand, Japan and Korea.

ICOnow: Do you already have a product or a prototype?
Yes, we have RQX installed on a community site called Another beta proof of concept site will be operational shortly.

ICOnow: Can you highlight the features that are unique to you project that sets it apart from similar projects in the space?
No other ecommerce solution has what we have. We offer Trusted Reviews, Scammer Protection, Zero Chargebacks and Point 5% Transaction fee. We have not found a ecommerce solution that comes close to Requitix.

ICOnow: Which permitted legal field did you choose for the company?
We have two companies. Our ICO company is based out of Belize and our management company is located here in the US in the state of Wyoming.

ICOnow: Did you calculate the profitability of your business?
We will be profitable. No questions about it.

ICOnow: Tell us a bit more about your revenue model?
We will take point 5% of each RQX transaction. That is our revenue model.

ICO period.

Date of Pre-Sale Start 02/20/18
Date of Pre-Sale End 02/28/18

Date of Crowdsale Start 03/01/18
Date of Crowdsale End 03/31/18

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