Marystrain ICO Bounty

marystrain-ico ICO Bounty

We Intend to utilize blockchain technology to catalog cannabis-grow environments and techniques, consumer reviews and feedback in an effort to add a layer of anonymous transparent data to the global cannabis community.

Initially MaryStrain will use blockchain to empower the Cannabis Community by:
– Enabling decentralized Grow and Production Standards.
– Enabling an anonymous but verifiable consumer attribution.
– Enabling Access to the only blockchain immutable, verified Cannabis data set.

General Rules:
1. Join the official MaryStrain/Sensi Telegram channel for the latest news and information.
2. Bounty Marystrain ICO reports should be submitted according to the timelines specified for each campaign
3. For using multiple accounts you will be disqualified from the campaign
4. Fake views, secondary accounts, copied articles and videos will lead to disqualification
5. The registered Ethereum Wallet Address for bounty payments cannot be changed once submitted
6. Do not use an Ethereum Wallet Address which belongs to a 3rd party such as an exchange
7. Disrespectful language towards other members or moderators will result in disqualification
8. Modifications to the rules can be made without prior notice to improve the Marystrain ICO Bounty Campaign
9. Anything completed on behalf of the Marystrain ICO Bounty Campaign must not be removed, modified or deleted once submitted
10. If you feel that you deserve a BONUS please contact us here.
11. Bounties will be paid out 14 days after the Marystrain ICO Bounty Campaign has ended

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