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We are happy to announce another huge achievement, with the release of the much awaited ARK Mobile Wallet. That’s right, you can now vote for a delegate, send ARK, or just check your balance straight from the palm of your hand. No sync needed, just open the app and conduct your business.

ARK’s mobile wallet is a hybrid application (using the same codebase for Android and iOS which helps with coordinated development). Created using Ionic framework and ARK’s TypeScript API to interact with the ARK network via your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection).

The ARK wallet is still in a Beta version so you might encounter some quirks and bugs while checking it out. Give it a spin and please provide us feedback so we can improve our wallet in upcoming releases.

ARK Android Mobile Wallet.

Or go to Google Play store from your mobile wallet and in search field input ‘Mobile ARK’ — install.

ARK iOS Mobile Wallet :

  1. Install ‘Ionic View — Test Ionic Apps
  2. Open and click the eye at the bottom
  3. Enter the ID 0894ffa2 and “View App”

The QR scanner is not compatible with ‘Ionic View — Test Ionic Apps’ so it won’t work on iOS.

This is currently a workaround as we are still waiting on approval from Apple (they are very strict with finance and cryptocurrency apps). When we get final approval for the iOS App store we’ll let you know via social channels.

Highlighted Features:

  • Import your existing passphrase (import by QR feature or write/paste your passphrase).
  • Generate a new passphrase.
  • Encrypt access to your profile with a custom 6 digit PIN (AES256+PBKDF2).
  • Most transaction types are available: send, receive, vote, unvote, register a delegate.
  • Connects to both mainnet and devnet.
  • Option for additional profiles (separate profiles for different ARK addresses or networks).
  • Option to add contacts and easily transact with them.
  • Total balance of your combined ARK addresses.
  • Wallet backup — input your selected PIN to decrypt your wallet and gain view of your private data.
  • Change PIN — if you want to change your encryption/decryption PIN you can easily do so.
  • Clear Data — you can clear all your data from the phone (note: this will also delete all of your wallets so if you haven’t yet you should make a backup!).
  • Overview of network status with an option to change peer.
  • Current market value, along with weekly movements.
  • Support for showing data in different FIAT currencies.

In the upcoming months we are going to be polishing up the ARK mobile wallet with input from ARKs community developers and users. We also aim to integrate:

  • Ledger Nano S support via On-the-Go (OTG) cable/adapter.
  • Dark theme.
  • Adding an option to add custom network types (eg. your own ARK-based chain or for instance Kapu, Blockpool, …) just from 1 IP address — use ARK wallet for any current or future ARK based blockchain project!
  • Ability to allow your fingerprint to act as a PIN to unlock your wallet (optional of course).
  • Notifications of receiving transactions.
  • Adding more localizations (you’ll be able to help in this regards to get ARK mobile wallet translated into your local language).
  • Saving your generated passphrase to .PDF.

Special thanks to our core developer Lúcio Rubens for being lead on the development of the ARK mobile wallet. For the past few months he has been working tirelessly to oversee the development, follow best developmental practices, and make an easy to use mobile ARK wallet. Thanks to Alex Barnsley as well for lending help to Lucio with development and our designer Oleg Shcherbyna to bring his design renders to life.

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