New ICO: Gigzi, Every Media Coin, URIS ICO

new ico listing

Gigzi ICO (GZB token)

Gigzi has been developed to address the three challenges of cryptocurrency discussed above, through a comprehensive financial system that provides stability, security and wealth protection.

Ethereum is the platform underlying the Gigzi ICO ecosystem; it enables Gigzi to develop and deploy decentralised applications. The Smart Contract regulating the Gigzi ecosystem cannot be modified once deployed; it runs exactly as programmed. Users can freely participate in the Gigzi ecosystem by accepting the proposed functions and terms of the Gigzi Smart Contract.

The Gigzi ecosystem consists of three core applications that support the Gigzi crypto-assets – a Wallet, an Exchange and a Treasury.


Every Media Coin ICO (EVE token)

EVE ICO coin (hereafter called EVE) is a basic coin that is traded within the platform and is a liquid asset that can be bought or sold at a cryptocurrency exchange market. It is free to send EVE to others through the wallet’s address which is provided by the platform.
EVE can be combined with AD & DATA (hereafter referred to as ADD) coins by a fixed ratio (1:1) and can be changed into EXP.

URIS ICO (URI token)

The crowdfunding platform allows entrepreneurs to tap into the heart of Uris ecosystem to raise money for their small businesses. Within the framework of the project, the company plans to launch a crowdfunding platform (Uris Exchange) for startups and VC funds interaction.
The platform can provide a flexible form of investment with a broad set of functionalities. It will feature an online exposition where startup managers can sell or auction off merchandise such as gifts, t-shirts, posters, and other promotional products.
The final, complete set of features will be designed and developed after considering feed- back from the product’s first users.

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