New ICO: Inziderx ICO, Bulleon ICO (BUL token)

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Inziderx ICO

The ideal exchange is a decentralized one where the transactions are done wallet to wallet (Dapp). Thus, there are no significant accumulations of funds in a single wallet that could tempt a hacker. This type of exchange is therefore secure by design.

The reason is simple : hacker is a “game” of trial and error that takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is normally useless for a hacker to waste time and risk accusation to perform a task that pays little.

Bulleon ICO (BUL token)

The Blockchain technology have been utilized to provide Bulleon users with financial value. Ethereum Blockchain has been the go-to platform when developing new tokens and coins. Bulleon is powered by Ethereum technology, which features smart contracts that are decentralized, self-executing and work as agreements coded in the Blockchain. Ethereum Blockchain exceeds the capabilities of Bitcoin Blockchain to the point that most tokens of value are launched on the technology.

Consequently, the surface token has been greatly improved and is considered as one of the most exciting developments in the cryptocurrency market. Bulleon is considered as the digital asset that goes beyond the functions of cryptocurrencies to give users access to digital asset exchange, biometric hardware wallet coupled with login authentication, international debit card transactions, e-commerce service platform specialized for merchants, secure peer-topeer lending platform as well as the much sort after cloud mining.

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