New ICO list: Imusify ICO, 2key ICO, Emanate ICO (MN8 token)

new ico listing

Imusify ICO (IMU token)

The imusify ICO platform is designed to provide artists with autonomy, higher income, and transparent transactions between service and product suppliers. imusify’s open-source, self-publishing platform also creates an efficient system for content creators to network and collaborate, while maintaining complete control over their work. The platform serves a variety of uses to different user types, serving as a news app, a messenger and networking space, an incubator, a music discovery platform, a marketplace for trading goods and services, a discussion forum, or a unique combination of these functions that provide the most enjoyment for each user. The imusify platform also offers an open innovation space to launch new products, features, tools, and services across the value chain of the music industry and beyond.

2key ICO (2KEY token)

We at 2key ICO are on a mission to build the infrastructure, algorithms and product to actually break information ow free. We’re working to create a social economic model for online sharing, and infuse it into HTTP links, so that information ow online can be truly done by the people, for the people, truly yours; When you are the central node in each act of information referral, you regain control – and then each act of sharing online truly becomes an act of caring – for your interests and for the interests of the people you share to. The days of a central robot using each of us as a human relay money machine should soon come to an end. It is a matter of opening our eyes, and deciding to re-invest in our freedom; Our minds and our money are at stake, and we stand to gain our own selves back by taking charge of the information which flows through us online.

Emanate ICO (MN8 token)

Emanate ICO is an audio exchange protocol designed to enable producers, distributors and influencers in the music industry ecosystem to connect via blockchain based smart-contracts. The EMANATE ICO (MN8) token is the cryptographic asset that will be sold in the early stages of the Emanate maturation journey. The tokens should be bought by those who wish to claim a position in the Emanate ecosystem because they believe in a decentralised future for the music industry.

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