New ICO listed: Blockbits ICO, XferMoney ICO, Flying Money ICO

new ico listing


Blockbits ICO

Blockbits is a decentralized open-source crowdfunding/investing platform. Its most innovative feature is that it eliminates blind trust requirements, thus providing a signi cantly safer investing experience. This is achieved via blockchain contracts, built-in features that allow it to become fully maintained and governed by its token holders.


XferMoney ICO

XferMoney ICO is a secure, transparent peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign currency exchange platform built on Ethereum blockchain to enable instant, reliable international money transfers. Platform is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional way of money transfers by connecting participants directly to exchange money and cut down the middleman, banks or brokers plus costs associated with them. Our main goal is to empower retail customers to exchange money globally with any person, business, or their own accounts in another country at a negligible cost. This should benefit all the consumers who have been paying heavy fees to the existing banks, institutions or brokers to transfer funds across borders. Our expertise in the fields of software development, blockchain, and forex exchange market give us the confidence in creating an unique P2P solution to benefit the end users and provide a better platform for currency exchange around the world.

Flying Money ICO

Flying Money is developing a Blockchain-based solution for creating and trading digital fiat-backed tokens. Flying Money currency tokens will be traded on major digital exchanges in order to settle trades, transfer funds and diversify cryptocurrency portfolios.

The major problem with investing in cryptocurrencies has been their volatility. Flying Money tokens can reduce volatility by anchoring a digital currency to an equivalent bank deposit.

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