New ICO listed: Vertex, Tkeycoin DAO, Lambda ICO

new ico listing

Vertex ICO is the ICO aftermarket that will allow the public to buy into verified, acquired ICOs for preferential prices, even after they have been sold out.

Vertex is creating the first market of its kind and a unique token that combines trading, venture capital experience, and fair-value based tokenization. Vertex will create a financial ecosystem that will ensure a high-end, profitable market for investments in cryptocurrency, through its platform.

Vertex offers the first aftermarket for ICO’s, which will provide investors with strong opportunities to get returns and bring more fiat resources into cryptocurrency markets, by attracting capital through its ICO vetting mechanisms and its investors.

Tkeycoin DAO ICO

The decentralized platform of Tkeycoin DAO uses quantum-stable digital signatures and anonymous networks, thanks to which there are no blocking by third parties and regulators.

All assets are protected from hacking, and transactions are encrypted by the encryption system Iron Atom Technology with digital signature RSA-2048, combined with elliptic curves Curve25519, recognized by the us national security Agency.

Lambda ICO

Lambda project is dedicated to providing a data storage infrastructure for blockchains and DAPPs and based on which it intends to offer storage and access capabilities of the decentralized cloud database. Moreover, based on scale-out and Sharding technology, it enables high-speed transactions; based on the trunk chain technology and cross-chain transaction verification, it enables cross-chain transactions, and data access and verification within the system; based on the Bridge Control Protocol (BCP), it enables the cross-chain communications with other chain systems. By providing a series of infrastructure capability services including block storage, file storage, object storage, KV storage, and table storage, which can be extended without limit, and fast network transmission – remote synchronization (rsync), Lambda makes it possible for DAPPs to perform data generation, computing, transmission, storage, and retrieving in an easy manner. Moreover, attribute encryption and agent encryption technologies applied in the project protect data privacy. Still, Lambda project is featured with flexible data structure, powerful programming interface, and efficient backup.

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