New ICO page today: PodOne, Money Rebel, Remechain, BeeSocials, Earth Dollar


PodOne ICO is a decentralized contact center network that connects businesses together. Through PodOne, a business can take advantage of human resources leased to it from throughout the network in order to acquire the personnel necessary to handle customer interactions.

The idea of the Money Rebel (MR) Platform and the accompanying all-in-one mobile app was conceived by our founders. They have extensive experience in financial services and the banking industry, as well as in the crypto world.

Remechain is an open Buyer-Supplier ecosystem, available for all participants of the global secondary metal market. Platform is built on the transparent transaction conditions and fast providing of the unified information and reporting.

BeeSocials is an online marketplace platform connecting you to social events happening in HOMES around you. The simplest explanation of what BeeSocials is to think of it as the ‘AirBnB of events’. Instead of letting strangers sleep on your couch, invite them over for a fun event like a party, dinner or other social event.

The Earth Dollar is decentralized, non-inflationary, and uses blockchain technology. The assets backing the Earth Dollar are tradable Smart Asset Tokens, representing physical natural resources and pledged valuables.

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