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Pre-sale Date:

Sep 19 03:00 AM

Pre-sale Price:

ETH : 0.08

Public Mint Date:

Aug 31 03:00 AM

Public Mint Price:

ETH : 0.09

Maximum Supply:

11000 Total



Evolver-NFT 300+ ETH Prize!

- Evolver-NFT is the NFT endorsed by a smart contract with sharing and lottery gameplay. At the end of Mint, the last 3 Evolvers and top 3 Evolvers with the highest invitational points will win a corresponding grand prize respectively.
- Evolver-NFT adopts the ‘Share To Earn’ model. Players will get an exclusive IC(Invitation Code) for each Mint Evolver. Inviting others to use the IC to Mint Evolver can obtain multi-level advanced rewards and invitation points, and enjoy royalty dividends.
Evolver-NFT adopts a tiered price. The earlier you buy ,the cheaper price you can get.
- For every purchase of Evolver, you will have a certain percentage of the chance to win a lottery. The rewards are from the continuously growing airdrop prize pool.
- Everytime the Mint numbers reach a multiple of 100, the treasure chest will be opened and a lucky Evolver will be drawn to obtain the treasure.The earlier you start to Mint Evolver, the higher probability you can win the treasure chest.
- There are 3 lucky Evolvers hidden among the 11,000 Evolvers, and they will get high rewards if they are mint out.
- After the Mint finishing, the top 3 Evolvers with the highest invitational points will share 5% of the total prize pool.
- The player can Mint one or more Evolvers.
● When the timer counts down to 0, the last Mint Evolver will be the biggest winner

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