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without WL pre-sale

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Sep 15 02:00 PM

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ETH : 0.06

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10000 Total



So, what are MergeApes? ...a living collection of ape Publicgoods/Funding/Poaps proving that you...

Attended the biggest event in crypto history, the Ethereum Mainnet Merge Contributed to the funding of essential public goods via Gitcoin Grants Own the first Proof of Stake NFT drop ever minted - on a climate-friendly Ethereum How Many Traits Does The Collection Have?
We have over 100 unique traits that we have slowly started to reveal on our Twitter, Discord, and Instagram pages.

How Many Apes Are In The Collection?
There are 10,000 unique and vividly stylized merge-themed Apes in the collection! Each has its own special character and vibe!

How Do We Decide Which Gitcoin Grants Projects To Support?
After the mint completes the community will vote on which projects we contribute to, as well as how we want to consider participating in matching pools. Once royalties from secondary sales start, the community will continue having regular votes in terms of how to best steward 42.0% of all secondary commissions.

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