NOBTCOIN Bounty Program (NOBT Bounty)


NOBTCOIN Bounty Program

Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking will get 10% interest per year (varies according to network weight).

Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonymity as Bitcoin, or better. No personal identifying information is required to create and use Nobt addresses for sending and receiving funds.

Based on Proof-of-Stake. No more power hungry mining hardware.

Everyone shares the bank history, so it’s entirely transparent.

The software (wallet) is open source, so its safety can be audited.

It is extremely fast, you can send money to anyone in the world within seconds.
The bounty campaign will be indefinite period.

Week 1 (5 January 2020 – 11 January 2020)
Week 2 (12 January 2020 – 18 January 2020)
Week 3 (19 January 2020 – 25 January 2020)
Week 4 (26 January 2020 – 01 February 2020)
Week 5 (02 February 2020 – 08 February 2020)
Week 6 (09 February 2020 – 15 February 2020)
Week 7 (16 February 2020 – 22 February 2020)
Week 8 (23 February 2020 – 29 February 2020)

General Rules of nobt ICO campaign

*Each Participant can use only one Account for Joining Campaign.
*Multiple Account Users are totally prohibited. If anybody want to cheat or spam then he will be disqualified from the Campaign.
*It is necessary to have a nobt address from exchange or nobt wallet on these link: all OS Wallet
*It is mandatory to join our NOBT Discord Group:
*It is necessary to join our Telegram Official Group: and Bounty Group:
*Don’t Ask About Bounty related questions in our Official Telegram group
*Managers and our team can change the rules anytime.
*You must agree that the payment of bounty hunters for participating in our bounty campaigns will be done bi-weekly.
*Every Saturday You need to make new post for weekly report for Social Media (Twitter and Facebook Campaigns)
*We will neither be responsible not we will replace your account with the new account if your Twitter or Facebook account gets suspended as this happened only if you create multiple accounts from the same IP address or same device which is done to create alt accounts.

For example Facebook NOBT ICO Bounty Campaign

1. Must Like & Follow Our Facebook Page: Nobt ICO Bounty Campaign Facebook
2. Your Account must be Public.
3. You must have facebook friends more then 200.
4. You have to Like & Share at least 5 posts per week from our Official Facebook Page
5. You have to write one post about Nobt ICO. Must be include these hashtags: #NOBT #COINONEXCHANGE #Blockchain.
6. Shares & posts must be Public.

!ATTENTION: Maximum 2 shares/day or 1 share and 1 public post/day.
!ATTENTION: Post Your reports Every Saturday in this thread format. Please create a new post for each weekly report.

More info about NOBT ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list

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