NODVIX ICO Bounty is a 24-hour P2P broadcasting platform designed to display interesting and relevant video content specific to a user’s limitless interest. NODVIX ICO is a self-regulating, open to all, real-time, video content platform designed to minimize the restrictions found within the current market.

Nodvix ICO site link.

  • Bounty end date: 9th February 2019 OR End of ICO, whichever is sooner
  • Bounty fund: 4% of issued tokens.
  • Tokens will be credited to participants’ wallets within two weeks of the completion of the token-sale.
  • To receive your tokens, you will need an ETH wallet with ERC-20 token support. Please note, exchange wallets are not recommended for obtaining tokens and may result in the irreversible loss of any payout. A list of compatible wallets:
  • Please ensure that the wallet address you give us at the time of bounty registration is still accessible by you post-bounty. We will not be able to change your wallet address, so please make sure you enter your details correctly.
  • When you carry out certain actions, you will receive a bounty stake. After the bounty is completed, the bounty stake will be converted to NODVIX tokens. By the formula: total number of NODVIX tokens / total number of bounty stake distributed  * volume of your bounty stake. (eg, xxxxx / (yyyyy * zzzz) means you get AAAAA NODVIX tokens).
  • The maximum that you can accrue will not exceed more than 8% of the allocated tokens on the bounty campaign.
  • Carefully read the terms of the NODVIX bounty program, as we will rely upon these terms to ensure the proper identification and payment of bounty stakes. If these terms are not followed, your bounty reward will be hard to verify, which means we cannot pay out.
  • In all tasks carried out under the NODVIX bounty program is confidential, between yourself and NODVIX. Any communication of bounty findings to people or organisations not related to NODVIX is prohibited.
  • Please do not use multiple accounts in relation to claiming from the NODVIX bounty. Manipulation of the bounty by means to cheat or deceive (to get more bounty stake) is prohibited.
  • When a certain number of participants is reached, we will close bounty registration.
  • The NODVIX working week lasts from Monday to Sunday. When reporting for the bounty, make sure to report during the same work week that you did bounty work. EG, if you worked this week, make sure to report your findings before end of day Sunday. Do not set up ‘future reports’ for next week and the week after.
  • All bounty stakes are updated by Wednesday 23:59 UTC (forum time) of the following week.

Our bounty campaign is split across these nine categories:

Telegram Bounty 6%
Twitter Bounty 9%
Facebook Budget: 10%
Reddit Bounty 10%
Signature and Avatar Bounty 14%
Translation Bounty 16%
Social Media Bounty 5%
Content Creation Bounty 13%
Moderation, Bugs, Contests and Other Bounties 17%

More info about NODVIX ICO Bounty: