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Parsec Frontiers is an online game about humanity’s colonization of the stars and planets in the Milky Way. Starting from Earth, the actions of all players will shape the future of our galaxy. With a persistent game universe and a continually evolving timeline the race is on to explore, expand and exploit the riches to be found in other star systems. A fully player-driven economy blockchain will allow players to mine and refine rare metals, build advanced starships and defense systems, and buy and trade resources for profit on the planetary exchanges. Everything is tradeable, anything is possible!

Bounty Campaign Period: March 16th – April 30th 2018

Crowd Sale Period: April 10th – 30th 2018

Affiliate Program Available

We have set aside 300,000,000 Parsec Credits for the Bitcointalk bounty program to reward the community for your support. Some of the bounty campaign programs are stake-based, where all tokens will be distributed according to your number of stakes vs total stakes for that campaign. Other campaigns are fixed per action.
First – here’s how you can join the program:

1. All users must register in the official Parsec Frontiers Discord channel
2. Send a message to the bounty manager @Andreia asking to be granted the bounty role
3. You will then be given access to the #bounty channel
4. Announce your participation in the program by replying to this thread
5. Join the individual bounty programs by following each program’s signup link

We have decided to focus the campaign on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and content, which means that regular signature and translations are not included this time around. We are looking forward to having your support, and help us spread the news about Parsec Frontiers – a space themed virtual economy with all assets on blockchain. We are using all our official channels to provide information about the project, and are grateful for all your help to publicise the project.

Here’s the full Parsec Frontiers Bounty Campaign Program allocation:

40,000,000 – Twitter
40,000,000 – Telegram
30,000,000 – Telegram group owners
30,000,000 – Reddit
100,000,000 – Content
60,000,000 – Local communities

Total 300,000,000 Parsec Credits available

You also need to apply to participate in each sub-campaign. These may be closed for new participants at our discretion.

Weeks starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Week 1 ends March 19th. Bounties will be distributed June 1st, or sooner if possible. Stakes and points are distributed after each week has ended.

Once an ETH address has been submitted it will not be changed for any reason, as we cannot handle the administrative side of this. Be careful when submitting your ETH address! Do not submit from exchanges, mixers or any other 3rd party service. Provide only ETH addresses where you know your private keys or seed phrases.

Support for the bounty campaign is handled in the Discord bounty channel, mainly between 12pm and 8pm CET.

Local community campaign


Help us spread the word about Parsec Frontiers to non-English communities, either on local Bitcointalk forums, or on Telegram/Wechat/Kakaochat.

To join the Local communities bounty campaign, register here

For the Local communities bounty campaign we have reserved 20% of the total bounty pool – 60,000,000 Parsec Credits.

Reward structure:

  • This campaign is stakes-based, but the reward is capped at 2.5 million PRSC per participant
  • Stakes earned will depend on the activity in the thread/group and the number of its members
  • For Telegram/Kakao/Wechat: Translation of pinned message from main group: 5 stakes + 2 stake/member at the end of campaign
  • Bitcointalk: Translation of ANN 50 stakes – not awarded if already translated
  • Moderation posts translated from English, either blog posts or other news from project: 5 Stakes per valid post


  • A single post group/thread will be rejected
  • Automatic (Google or similar) translations or translations with low quality will be rejected
  • Provide sample of previous work
  • Only posts originally written by the OP will count

Required actions:

  • Register your participation here
  • Post (and pin) translated official updates from ANN thread, Telegram or Discord
  • Participants are required to keep the local thread and Telegram groups alive by posting and translating regular updates, news or any important announcements – and to answer questions
  • Every week, please post a report in this thread in the following format:


Campaign: Local communities
Week: # (dd-dd)
Community link:

1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):

1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):

Check your status: Parsec Frontiers official Local communties bounty spreadsheet link

Telegram Campaign


To join the Telegram campaign, register here

This campaign is stake-based. For the Telegram bounty campaign we have reserved 13.4% of the total bounty pool – 40,000,000 Parsec Credits.

This pool will be divided amongst all eligible and active Telegram bounty participants. In order to participate, you must join the Telegram group and users will be additionally rewarded for contributing high quality content and participating in the conversation in a constructive and positive way.

We promote regular members to moderators if they consistently contribute high quality content and encourage discussion. This is at the bounty managers’ discretion.

Reward structure:
Stakes will be distributed as follows:

  • 2 stakes for joining the Telegram group
  • 10 stakes for becoming a moderator
  • Telegram bounty tokens will be distributed proportionally among the bounty campaign program participants according to the amount of points received
  • The reward is capped at 2.5 million PRSC per participant

Required actions

  • Register your participation here
  • Stay in the Telegram group until the end of the crowd sale
  • Be active and supportive in the group. Inactive users can get up to 50% less bounty or be disqualified at the discretion of the team
  • Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in the Parsec Frontiers group is not allowed
  • Only one account on Telegram is allowed. A person found to be cheating by creating multiple accounts will be disqualified
  • Notify us in this thread every week that you have been active by posting the following report:


Campaign: Telegram
Week: # (dd-dd)
Your spreadsheet participant number:
Telegram account name:
Check your status: Parsec Frontiers official Telegram bounty spreadsheet link

Reddit Campaign


Help us by being active and helpful in the Reddit community. You can do this by creating high quality posts and comments about the project, and generally engaging in constructive discussion of Parsec Frontiers.

Please be respectful of acceptable Reddit community behaviour and DO NOT SPAM as it would reflect badly on the project, not to mention yourself and your account there. Read first Reddit’s policy on spam and Reddit’s user agreement to be aware of appropriate conduct.

To join the Reddit bounty campaign, register here

This campaign is stake-based. For the Reddit bounty campaign we have reserved 10% of the total bounty pool – 30,000,000 Parsec Credits.

We do NOT require you to upvote Parsec Frontiers content on Reddit, to preserve the integrity of the Reddit community. If you see something you like, then by all means please do so.

Reward structure:
Per post/comment you’ll receive:
5 upvotes:          2 stakes
10 upvotes:       5 stakes
20 upvotes:       10 stakes
50 upvotes:       20 stakes
100 upvotes:     50 stakes
300 upvotes:     100 stakes

  • Comments about Parsec Frontiers get calculated at a 1:3 rate compared to posts, meaning for example a comment of 20 upvotes will bring you 3.33 stakes
  • Comments on your posts needs to come from +100 karma accounts to be counted, and should not be criticising the fact that you are posting Parsec Frontiers content. 1 stake reward per
  • Accounts with >1000 karma receive 20% bonus
  • Additional stakes can be awarded discretionary based upon post quality


  • Reddit account must be at least 30 days old, and without negative post or comment karma. It cannot be an account who’s been solely created to spam and spread advertising, be fake or inactive. It must be a real account with positive contributions in subreddits
  • Minimum 100 karma
  • NO hate speech, slander, racism, misogyny etc. No flamin, spamming or abuse
  • 3 post max/day, 21 post max/week
  • All posts/replies must be publicly available
  • All content must be original. Plagiarizing, copying, or translating existing content, including from the project itself, is prohibited and will lead to disqualification. You can, however, use our official images, logos, graphics, and other branding materials from our website and in the ANN thread

Required actions:

  • Register your participation here
  • Follow our subreddit /r/parsecfrontiers – 1 stake
  • Create high quality posts, or share links relating to Parsec Frontiers that are relevant to the subreddit in question (1 Stake/each valid post):
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, IT, business, finance subreddits with at least 100 readers, such as r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto, r/stox, r/Forex
  • Posts in /r/ParsecFrontiers are not counted
  • After creating a link, post or comment, submit it using this form
  • Every week, please post a report in this thread in the following format:


Campaign: Reddit
Week: # (dd-dd)
Your spreadsheet participant number:

1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):

1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):

Check your status: Parsec Frontiers official Reddit bounty spreadsheet link

Content Campaign


For the Content bounty campaign we have reserved 33,4% of the total bounty pool – 100,000,000 Parsec Credits.

We invite you to create blog posts and write articles about Parsec Frontiers, create YouTube videos, promote on other forums (but, do not spam to avoid creating hostility) — all to earn Parsec Credits whilst promoting the crowd sale.

Blogs & Articles
We will reward blogs and articles based upon their quality, with an additional discretionary reward once per user at the discretion of the bounty manager:
250,000 PRSC  Exceptional quality
150,000 PRSC  Great quality
75,000 PRSC    Good quality

Submit a content link to us using this form. We will review your content, and if approved you will be rewarded accordingly. Content must be focused on relevant topics for Parsec Frontiers, and be a minimum of 400 words.

YouTube videos
We will reward videos based upon their quality. Please reach out to Psycheout (Community Manager) on our Discord in advance to negotiate a deal before you start creating content. We will take into account subs on your channel, views and engagement, as well as quality and length.
YouTube video submission form after final video is published: HERE

Large online media contributors
We are looking for contributors with higher traffic tech blogs as well. Make contact with Psycheout (Community Manager) on Discord to discuss further. Reward may vary, and will be at our discretion.

Other content
We may also award stakes for Memes, GIFs, Fanart, arranging meetups, infographics, hosting podcasts and other types of content. If unsure, ask in the Discord #bounty channel. This is at our discretion.

Each video or article must include at least two of the following links:,,,
The link to the whitepaper, is a must in every single piece of content.

TELEGRAM (for group owners) CAMPAIGN


To join the Telegram group owner campaign, register here

This campaign is stake-based. For the Telegram Group Owner bounty campaign we have reserved 10% of the total bounty pool – 30,000,000 Parsec Credits.

Spread the word in your Telegram group about the Parsec Frontiers Crowd Sale and earn some tokens:

100 – 249 Members:    1 stake/post
250 – 749 Members:    2 stakes/post
750 – 2499 Members:   4 stakes/post
2500+ Members:    6 stakes/post


  • Your Telegram group must have a minimum of 100 members
  • There should be appropriate activity in the group both now and in history, corresponding to its size of course. Approval will be discretionary by the bounty manager
  • Joining with multiple groups is not allowed unless separately agreed by bounty manager
  • Groups with fake members or invited without permission will be disqualified
  • Depending on the group’s size and activity, 1-3 posts is allowed per day.

Required actions:

  • Register your participation here
  • Invite bounty manager Andreia via Telegram to your group
  • Make your posts in the group, see below for an example
  • You must submit a weekly report form in this thread, with a summary of your participation in this format:


Campaign: Telegram group owner
Week: # (dd-dd)
Your spreadsheet participant number:
Telegram account link:
Telegram group link:

Link to Telegram group posts:
1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):

Sample post:

Virtual galaxy MMO blockchain
Parsec Frontiers Crowd Sale April 16th
Whitepaper – Discord – Telegram

Remember to link to our channels.

Check your status: Parsec Frontiers official Telegram group owner bounty spreadsheet link

Twitter Campaign


To join the Twitter campaign, register here

This campaign is stake-based. For the Twitter bounty campaign we have reserved 13,4% of the total bounty pool – 40,000,000 Parsec Credits.

Reward structure:
200 – 400 followers:   2 stakes per tweet/retweet
400 – 800 followers:   4 stakes per tweet/retweet
800+ followers:         6 stakes per tweet/retweet

Account requirements:

  • Your Twitter account must have a minimum of 200 followers.
  • Fake, dead, inactive or bot accounts are not accepted.
  • Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed, and you will be blacklisted and stand to lose all your PRSC if discovered.
  • Your Twitter account’s audit score ( should be above 85% real subscribers, with more than 50% interested in cryptocurrency

Required actions:

  • Register your participation here
  • You must be retweeting and liking at least 5 Parsec Frontiers official tweets per week.
  • You must create 2 original tweets about Parsec Frontiers per week, each including at least the link to the official Parsec Frontiers website or another official communication channel. These should not be created on the same day.
  • You must submit a weekly report form in this thread, with a summary of your participation



Campaign: Twitter
Week: # (dd-dd)
Your spreadsheet participant number:
Twitter account link:
Twitter audit link:

Link to retweets and likes:
1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):
3. (dd/mm):
4. (dd/mm):
5. (dd/mm):

Link to your original tweets:
1. (dd/mm):
2. (dd/mm):
Check your status: Parsec Frontiers official Twitter bounty spreadsheet link