Pozess ICO Bounty Campaign

pozes bounty

What is Pozess ICO?

Pozess is a blockchain based social shopping marketplace where shoppers have the opportunity to discover unique products from around the world they wouldn’t find in traditional marketplaces. On Pozess, luxury fashion and lifestyle items are specially curated by the user community from businesses around the world via photo and video sharing. Merchants whose products are posted on the platform are subsequently invited to join the Pozess network via the merchants’ social media channels, and so the community grows.
We want to reward our supporters, affiliates, and curators with a chance to earn Pozess (PZS) Tokens by participating in our bounty campaigns during the private sale and pre-ICO. You may join at any time until the end of the ICO. However the earlier you join, the more rewards you can earn after our bounty program ends.


Content campaign—25% (Blogs, Youtube and Media)
Bitcointalk Signature campaign—20%
Telegram campaign—10%
Twitter campaign—10%
Linkedln campaign – 10%
Facebook campaign—7.5%
Instagram campaign — 5%
Youtube campaign – 5%
Translations campaign—7.5%


1. Sign up on the forms in each campaign below
2. The user must join the official POZESS Telegram channel https://t.me/JoinPozess and stay active until the end of the ICO
3. You must join the POZESS Bounty Channel https://t.me/Pozess_Bounty_Campaign for all bounty-related matters
4. You must join the Coinrizon Bounty Channel https://t.me/coinrizon for all bounty-related matters
5. Follow the official POZESS social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Telegram,Medium and Bitcointalk.
6. The bounty campaign will last until the end of the pre-ICO or when the hard cap is met. In order to receive the reward, you must participate until the end of the ICO campaign.
7. Be friendly and supportive. Spams, abusive behavior, promotion of any kind and scams will automatically disqualify the participant
8. The list of channel members will be updated and analyzed once per week. Each accepted campaign member will receive the reward In Pozess tokens (PZS).

Content Bounty

If you are a blogger or editor in the field of cryptocurrency, shopping or fashion, we offer you the possibility to join this campaign and earn Pozess tokens (PZS). All you have to do is publish an article or make a video about our project on your blog and we will reward you! YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 100 SUBSCRIBERS
Please keep in mind that good language/representation skills are a must! The rest of the criteria are of a subjective nature. We are free not to accept your article or video if we believe it doesn’t meet our requirements.
Register your participation here -> Content Campaign Registration form


1. Blog about Pozess or publish articles about Pozess
2. Follow and clap on our Medium Articles -> https://medium.com/@Pozess. Minimum 10 claps
3. Promote Pozess in other forums, in your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any other social outlet with a large outreach
4. And/or create YouTube videos at least 1 minute long (including interviews)
5. Articles must be original and contain at least 500 words. We will check for any plagiarism and your article will not qualify if found to be unoriginal
6. Articles must reflect our information as stated on our website https://Pozess.io and in our white paper https://www.pozess.com/uploads/PozessWhitePaper.pdf
7. Articles must be freely accessible. Outlets such as Medium, Hackernoon and Steemit are allowed
8. Articles must contain at least 1—2 active links to our website ( https://Pozess.io )
9. We will evaluate blogs, articles and youtube videos according to their quality to reward those participants who invested the greatest effort in their posts and number of subscribers.

Rewards will be based on uniqueness, quality, distribution, and the number of subscribers. Must follow Medium and given at least 10 claps

Normal – 20 Stakes
Good – 40 Stakes
Great – 100 Stakes
Excellent – 200 Stakes
Awesome – 500 Stakes
If you chose to make a video about Pozess, you will be rewarded depending on number of your channei subscribers and the quality of your video

50 – 200 views in the first 14 days — 20 Stakes;
201 – 500 views in the first 14 days — 40 Stakes;
501 – 1000 views in the first 14 days — 100 Stakes;
1001 – 2000 views in the first 14 days — 200 Stakes;
2001+ views in the first 14 days — 500 Stakes;
Submit Weekly Report

Pozess ICO Signature Bounty

Each campaign member is to receive a reward at the end of bounty campaign, the reward will accumulate considering profile rank on Bitcointalk
Junior Member: 1.5 Stake / day
Member: 2 Stake / day
Full member: 2.5 Stake / day
Senior member: 3 Stake / day
Hero member: 3.5 Stake / day
Legendary member: 4 Stake/day
1. Register your participation -> Signature Campaign Registration
2. Set up signature code according to your profile rank

Pozess Telegram Bounty

1. To participate in this campaign, you need to subscribe Pozess Main Group and join the Pozess Bounty Program telegram group and join the Pozess Bounty Bot, click on the referral link and follow the rules.
2. Fill out and submit this form: Telegram Referal CampaignIn addition each participant will get the following rewards for actively particpating. You must not leave the telegram group till the end of the campaign

10 Stake / User per week


1. You must join the Telegram channels and stay there until the end of ICO Crowdsale.
2. You must post at least 3 messages every week. Messages must be relevant to Pozess and must not promote any other ICO or irrelevant information
3. An at least 2-month-old or older account Bitcointalk will be accepted
Pozess ICO Telegram Referral Campaigns
We will reward you for inviting your friends to our channel and for helping to spread the word
Referrals Stakes
1-2 referrals =5
3-5 referrals =10
5-7 referrals =15
7-9 referrals =25
9-12 referrals =30
12-15 referrals = 35
15+ referrals = 45


Telegram Group Campaign
We welcome you to join our Telegram Community Group Bounty if you are an admin for any Telegram Community Group with a certain amount of members. You will receive stakes if you meet the requirements below.

More info https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5083540.0