QDAO Bounty review


QDAO Bounty Tokens allocated for the bounty campaign: $1000000 in USDQ

You need to remember: this is a STABLECOIN BOUNTY. The price of our USDQ Token will NOT fall at all. What you get here is REAL MONEY that may be easily sold or exchanged.

Platinum QDAO StableCoins: USDQ KRWQ CNYQ JPYQ

  • Trade it as a regular stable coin on the secondary market. Trading in a low-volatility cryptocurrency such as USDQ may help traders to work more efficiently and stay safe no matter what happens on the secondary market.
  • Collateralize your crypto and get simple stable trading asset. After the trading just give it back and return your crypto. Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies can’t guarantee its minimum value. So, protect it in our ecosystem until you will be sure in their stability. You will get the trustful coin, which will keep you safe in the future.
  • Join a community of miners decision makers! Our community has been growing since the project’s inception. Join us to mine Q DAO tokens. It is your chance to become a member of community that will create a new currency of the future.

QDAO ICO Bounty allocation:

13% – Signatures
20% – Blogs
42% – Social media
10% – QUIZ

  • Campaign length: 6 months
  • We leave ourselves the right to remove you from campaign if we think that you are cheating or spamming.
  • Tokens are removed when the person is removed from campaign.
  • We can refuse to let you participate in our campaign for any reason.
  • If you don’t meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week, but you will remain in the campaign.

QDAO Blogs Bounty

Percentage of tokens for the campaign: 20%

Blog bounty is awarded to content-makers, bloggers that write about USDQ.
To participate just write a 100+ words long text regarding the project and publish it on your website. The better is your text – the more tokens you will receive.

Blog contest rules

• All the texts must be published online and accessible by everyone.
• Your post must include at least 1 link: to QDAO website OR social medias.
• We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text, must be at least 2 months old, and must have the user activity.
• We only accept writings in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese

Quality Grading Scale:
Low: 0-30 USDQ tokens
Good: 75 USDQ tokens
Great: 200 USDQ tokens
Extraordinary: 500 USDQ tokens

Quality is based on amount of copied material, amount of technical/grammatical errors, overall impression, amount of images/pictures, and reach of article (comments/shares). Hunters may  use research information from the QDAO Website and WhitePaper, but may not just rephrase line by line.

Extraordinary: No technical errors, very few if any spelling/grammatical errors, no copy/paste of information,
must be at least 750+ words long, must have multiple references to QDAO Website and whitepaper + other content,
and contain 3+ images. Must be at least Mid-tier publications (top 10 at https://toppub.xyz/)

To participate:


More info about QDAO ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list

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