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Current Bounty Opportunities
3% of the tokens have been reserved for our global bounty program.

  • Telegram: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)
  • Twitter: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)
  • Facebook: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)
  • Reddit: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)
  • Medium 2% of bounty pool (12.000.000 tokens)
  • Content Bounty / Bug Bounty: 18% of bounty pool (108.000.000 tokens)
  • Bitcointalk: 35% of bounty pool (210.000.000 tokens)
  • Translations: 25% of bounty pool (150.000.000 tokens)

Translation Campaign


Translations: 25% of bounty pool (150.000.000 tokens): 

  • A single post, dead thread is useless. We expect ANN thread translators to take the responsibility to moderate their threads by keeping them active with translated official announcements, updates and news. If a translator posts and abandons a thread, they will only receive half of their share reward. We will reward moderators, so you will be paid for your efforts.
  • You must translate both the whitepaper and the Ann thread. Whitepaper link:
  • To reserve a language, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly with confirmation:
  • Share distribution:
  • ANN thread: 100 stakes
  • Website: 150 stakes
  • Whitepaper: 350 stakes
  • Moderation/Thread management: 5 points per constructive moderator post.

Signature Campaign


Bitcointalk Signatures: 35% of bounty pool (180.000.000 tokens)

  • Setup signature code according to your BitcoinTalk rank
  • Stakes are to be calculated weekly as follows:
  • Member: 10 stakes/week
  • Full Member: 15 stakes/week
  • Sr. Member 20 stakes/week
  • Hero/Legendary: 35 stakes/week
  • Spam is not allowed! Make sure your participation is in compliance with BitcoinTalk rules!
  • Participants with a negative trust score are NOT allowed to participate
  • The list of participants will be analyzed each week. To receive your bounty reward, you must wear your redBUX signature until the end of the campaign and post at least 10 posts/threads each week. If you remove your signature, your stakes will be burned and returned to the pool.

Medium Campaign


Medium: 2% of total bounty pool (12.000.000)

  • Follow redBUX’s Medium page: Coming soon!
  • Apply for our Medium campaign on this form:

  • Clap for our new articles (only articles published from the day you are approved and after)
  • Only clappings made on the day of the article publication or the immediate following day will be counted.
  • Report your claps on this thread with quote of the past week.
  • Do not unfollow redBUX’s Medium page before the end of the main sale or your stakes will be burned and returned to the main pool.

Reddit Campaign


Reddit: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)

  • Join the /r/redBUX subreddit
  • Post at least one link related to redBUX to any other subreddit related to blockchain, ICOs, cryptocurrency, VR, VR gaming, AND/OR at least 5 constructive comments related to redBUX either on our subreddit or any other.
  • Receive 15 stakes for subscribing and for posting either one quality link or 5 constructive comments. Users who post a link and 5 comments will receive 5 bonus stakes.
  • Users who are especially active and helpful in /r/redBUX will be entered to win 50 bonus stakes for their community engagement at the end of the ICO.

Twitter Campaign


Twitter: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)

  • 0-499 Followers: 2 stakes/week
  • 500-999 followers: 4 stakes/week
  • 1.000-1.999 followers: 6 stakes/week
  • 2.000+ followers: 10 stakes/week
  • Follower counts will be taken at the beginning of the campaign and the initial count will be used until the campaign ends.

Facebook Campaign


Facebook: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)

  • 0-499 friends: 2 stakes/week
  • 500-999 friends: 4 stakes/week
  • 1.000-1.999 friends: 6 stakes/week
  • 2.000+ friends: 10 stakes/week
  • Your Facebook friend count and shared posts must be public for verification by the redBUX team.

Telegram Campaign


Telegram: 5% of bounty pool (30.000.000 tokens)